ZenBivy Quilt Bed, The Better Sleeping Bag!

ZenBivy Quilt Bed

Ever missed the comfort feeling of your bed when going camping? Zenbivy has sought to remedy this problem with their Zenbivy Quilt Bed solution.

They say, “Sleep in a bed, not a bag.” And they are not kidding! For years sleeping bags have been just that, bags now get ready for a new experience.

Having a camp for a SHTF situation or a camper to sleep in on the go does not have to be uncomfortable anymore. We have Zenbivy listed in our recommended brands for their quality of product, it’s comfortable and will outlast a cheaply made sleeping bag.

Why Is Zenbivy Better Than Other Sleeping Bags?

Zenbivy Core Quilt 7

From their site they explain it clearly: “Our two-piece sleep system lets you sleep in any position, just like your bed at home.

A Zenbivy bed is not a mummy bag or a quilt—it’s a bed. Built like your bed at home with a sheet below you and a quilt above, our patented design allows for the most comfortable night’s sleep in the backcountry, without constriction and drafts. It’s the only complete backcountry sleep system on the market that’s draft-free, lightweight, comfortable, versatile, and warm.

Other quilts can’t compare; our patented design blocks drafts without adding constriction

With Zenbivy’s patented 2-piece design, the quilt attaches to a lightweight sheet with a built-in draft shield. This unique combination allows the quilt to “float” naturally above you all the while keeping it tucked at your sides and around your shoulders to block all drafts without adding any constriction.”

A picture is worth a thousand words here is an example of how the bed lets you sleep how you want comfortably in different positions:

ZenBivy Quilt Bed, The Better Sleeping Bag! 1
ZenBivy Quilt Bed, The Better Sleeping Bag! 2
ZenBivy Quilt Bed, The Better Sleeping Bag! 3

Now that looks comfortable, doesn’t it 🙂

Overview of the Zenbivy Quilt Bed

Zenbivy Core Quilt 2

The Zenbivy quilt beds right from the start feel different than a traditional sleeping bag.

Even the colours they choose are interesting and give the product a “stand out” look to them. They are packaged differently to allow the beds to breathe and perhaps dry out after camping (glamping) with them.

The quality of materials is very evident also right away it is very soft to the touch, possibly the softest sleeping bag type experience I have personally had.

Zenbivy Core Quilt 5
Zenbivy Core Quilt 4
Zenbivy Core Quilt 3

The labelling is clear and well-designed, giving a great overview of their product and system.

On the About Us page of Zenbivy, they state their mission: “Zenbivy was founded with a clear mission to create the most comfortable outdoor bedding the world has ever seen. We believe no matter what type of outdoor adventure you seek you perform better when you’re truly rested. So why do so many sleeping bag companies ignore this fact? They design bags that are light and warm but lack the comfort you experience when sleeping in your bed at home.”

It is not surprising therefore the comfort you feel when getting into a Zenbivy Bed.

So What Is in A Zenbivy Quilt Bed That Makes It So Comfortable?

Zenbivy Core Quilt 6

Zenbivy has sought to re-design and re-think the traditional sleeping bag experience.

That re-design has also included sourcing new softer materials and lighter insulating materials.

The difference is quite shocking, I would just roll around and move my legs saying: “wow it feels so soft and different.” It had that comfort feeling of a bed which was quite shocking.

That shock factor is really what sets Zenbivy apart, they have produced a product that stands apart from traditional mummy bag-type sleeping bags.

20D Nylon Taffeta
20D Nylon Taffeta
800 fill HyperDRY™ down
800 fill HyperDRY™ down

20D Nylon Taffeta is one of the materials they use in the inner layer of the Zenbivy Bed to give it a very smooth soft feel.

20D fabrics are much softer than traditional ultralight technical fabrics while being only a fraction heavier. They’re buttery-smooth, comfortable, durable, and worth the minuscule weight penalty. 

People love the feel so much they are trying to source this specific nylon for their own bed sheets on Reddit! Believe it or not!

Due to the thick nature of taffeta and nylon’s weather-resistant and tear-resistant properties, nylon taffeta is particularly strong and useful for outdoor applications.

The down used inside the Zenbivy Bed is premium down and very lightweight.

Zenbivy says: “Built for performance, our premium 800 fill-power HyperDRY™ down from ALLIED Feather + Down uses a natural wax-based compound to make it water-resistant. It is durable, fluorocarbon-free, and RDS (Responsible Down Standard) compliant.”

HyperDRY water-resistant down is treated with a unique Fluorocarbon free treatment that adheres to the down cluster allowing down to retain its superior warmth-to-weight ratio – even when wet.

This is a perfect situation so when your bed gets wet from camping it really minimizes the problem with this type of down.

Concluding Thoughts On Zenbivy Quilt Beds And Our Recommendations

Zenbivy Bed

There is a great selection of different options on the Zenbivy website for different quilt bed options. They break down all the different beds and differences on this page which is very helpful.

Our recommendation on PreppingInsider is the more expensive “light quiltthat is great for SHTF situations, to have in the car as a backup and is super comfortable.

News flash for husbands: In an emergency situation to have this to throw over your wife she will be so happy and feel “soothed” even though the world is ending! Joking aside that might actually help!

Zenbivy says: “The Light Quilt is our performance-focused backpacking quilt, built for backpackers of all levels. The patent-pending Fast Footbox™ uses a single clip that allows it to expand for more space or narrow for more warmth.”

And this light quilt is made from the softest and best-insulating properties Zenbivy produces, for a tremendous product that really is set above the rest.

So grab a Zenbivy Light Quilt today you won’t regret it.

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