Who on Earth is Canadian Prepper?

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I first came across Canadian Prepper on YouTube while casually browsing through the vast universe of YouTube, letting it make suggestions.

Then, Canadian Prepper hit me with outlandish warnings — Are you prepared for economic collapse, The bad news hasn’t even started yet, Angry mobs after SHTF, Head for the Hills, etc. How to survive political turmoil is certainly on point.

My first impressions were bad, to be honest. Canadian Prepper is extremely direct, doesn’t hold back, and isn’t afraid of sensationalism to get your attention.

I thought his videos were mostly theoretical ramblings about the psychology of post-apocalyptic society.  As a hands-on prepper and woodworker, I was interested more in instructional DIY videos.

But, if you stick around as I have, you’ll see there’s more to Canadian Prepper than first meets the eye. And you’ll be glad he’s around unless your goal is to sabotage prepping.

He makes you think about buying a survival lighter, solar oven, military survival radio, and upgrading your car emergency kit.

Let’s take a deep dive into Canadian Prepper’s world together.

Who is Canadian Prepper

Canadian Prepper is Nate Polson from Martensville, Saskatchewan in Canada.

He runs a family-owned company called Canadian Preparedness.

This is the name of their website where they sell tons of survival and prepping gear, his YouTube channel with survival discussions, and Facebook page. He posts some photos under the name canadian_prepper on Instagram.

You can find his reviews as an influencer on Amazon, and he is a member of My Militia — An American Patriot Network.

Canadian Prepper came into the limelight as the Prepping movement started gaining more recognition in Canada.

He was featured in an article in cbc.ca and was part of Preparing for Armageddon, a documentary from The Passionate Eye on cbc.ca.

a map showing the location of Canadian Prepper home town

Canadian Prepper YouTube channel

According to statsmash Canadian Prepper is a Canadian YouTuber since May 2014. In numbers, Canadian Prepper has 51.3M Views, 920 Videos, 439k Subscribers, and a net worth of $340,000 as of October 2020.

Canadian Prepper’s audience has been steadily growing from month to month. The channel has grown from 51.9k daily viewers back in July 2020 to over 161k nowadays.

That’s ↑210% audience growth in the last 3 months.

Canadian Prepper creates on average 12 new videos every month.

In his own words from the YouTube channel:

“The purpose of this channel is to help more people get prepared for emergency situations. Innovative Gear reviews, discussions about the collapse of civilization as we know it, self-defense and all things preparedness from a Canadian perspective.”

On the Patreon page he introduces himself:

“I make videos about the psychology and sociology of grid down survival. I explore these things from a theoretical perspective as opposed to one that is expert-based.
I also do reviews of survival gear that isn’t commonly seen elsewhere. Not everything I review turns out to be revolutionary but I seek to inform you what is available and do honest reviews so you can make better decisions in purchasing gear.”

I found out about Canadian Prepper from YouTube. This is how most people will find him.

I believe he is aware of this fact and takes advantage of it. That’s why his videos are sensationalistic, asking the hard questions, making you think out-of-the-box.

I can already recognize his videos by introductions: Warning! Red Alert! Get ready! Start Now! Grid down, etc.

You can call it click-baits, SEO content, or something else, but he gets through. And that’s all that matters when it comes to the Prepping movement.

Get people’s attention, and help them get prepared because Doomsday IS coming.

I learned a lot from Canadian Prepper videos.

They are organized into 7 categories: Gear Reviews, Bug Out Concepts, Self-Defense, Prepper Fitness, Canadian Prepping, After the Collapse Series, and Opinions and Social Commentary.

When I started watching Canadian Prepper, my bad luck landed me smack in the middle of the After the Collapse Series.

Looking back, I had every reason to move on, because it’s the most philosophical part of the channel, meant to awaken the ordinary, unprepared citizens and alarm them it’s high time to prepare.

After The Collapse Videos

Some of the video titles from this series are: After the Collapse: The Marauders, The Art of War: Psychology of Surviving WROL, After the Collapse: Survive until Sunset, etc.

You get the picture.

Canadian Prepper imagines the world will be chaotic, filled with vigilantes, cannibals, and dangerous people fighting for survival.

After the Collapse Series will shake you and wake you. Now you are prepared to move on to other videos that are more instructional, practical, and useful.

Gear Reviews Videos

There are 377 videos in the Gear Reviews category alone.

You can find anything here and learn a lot: a review of the world’s smallest brightest flashlight, off-grid solar power system, Top 5 Handsaws, The Best Gas Mask Filter Mira, instructional How-to videos, etc.

I found the ongoing virtual arguing with another YouTuber called Wranglestar amusing and hope that it’s all in good faith.

Videos of Tesla show that Canadian Prepper is a big fan of the company and electric vehicles in general. He filmed a 17-minute long review of Tesla Cybertruck.

The review says it’s a perfect bug out vehicle, militaristic, bullet-proof, utilitarian, functional, aggressive, etc. It’s a truck made in Prepper’s Heaven. 

Canadian Prepper camping

Bug Out Concepts Videos

There are 129 videos on how to evacuate, strategic relocation, survival and camping gear, solar-powered kayak, etc.

A must watch is a 3 Day Winter Camp out w/ Woodstove Hot Tent. 

In this video, Canadian Prepper goes camping with his dog Marshall.

You can see what gear he uses for full-on winter conditions, trekking through snow, how he sets up camp, saws wood for stove fire, etc. Canadian Prepper gives handy tips along the way: what type of wood is good for fire, why bugout roll is great, why you should always carry ChapStick, and what to pack last when you’re getting ready to return home.

There are musings about Prepping, Modern-day life, and Survival skills while the fire cracks in the background along with some soft country music.

screenshot of canadian prepper in a tent

Self-defense videos

In 61 videos Canadian Prepper won’t teach you karate. No.

He is covering topics like home security, dangerous neighbors in SHTF, basics of urban self-defense, how to survive federal prison, and avoid a bear attack.

He reviews tactical pants, top training gear for SHTF, teaches his viewers how to make an electronic tripwire alarm, and asks you to consider using archery over guns.

Prepper Fitness videos

There are 64 videos where Canadian Prepper wants to emphasize the importance of being fit. He is very fit and can be seen in videos exercising, doing weights, and being active in nature.

He explains the Ultimate Survivalist Physique, How to lose weight like a warrior, and reveals the truth about muscular prisoners.

Do you need muscle for SHTF? Watch and find out.

You can watch Canadian Prepper do a -32° EXTREME COLD Overnight Bug Out Challenge!

Was he prepared? What do you think?

Canadian Prepping Videos

This set of videos is more targeted toward Canadian followers. There are a lot of wintertime videos, how to build a campfire, thermogenesis, winter footwear, etc.

He covers different regions in Canada. What to do if SHTF in the Great Lakes Megalopolis, Alberta, or West Coast/BC.

He discusses where is the best place to be after a full-blown SHTF collapse in Canada.

In this section of his YouTube channel, there is an introductory video about Canadian Prepper — Who is Canadian Prepper?

canadian prepper logo with a gas mask

Opinions and Social Commentary Videos

119 videos about climate change, politics, race, consumer culture, societal collapse, etc.

He clearly has a lot of ideas and opinions about a variety of current events and wants you to know.

You can watch why people want the apocalypse, unconsciously, and when will SHTF, among other interesting topics.

According to Canadian Prepper, the situation in Iran is far worse than people think and WW3 is coming.

In one of the latest videos, he discusses the future of America — a cashless society, rampant crime, genetic engineering, surveillance, etc. Is there a light at the end of this Black Mirror episode?

If you are interested in philosophical discussions, this is the best section for you.

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, here are videos discussing group dynamics, and survival tactics in this show.

Community on YouTube channel

The Community section of his channel feels like a proper Facebook page. He is posting comments, laughing, engaging with the followers. He posted a couple of questionnaires to get a better understanding of other people’s mind frame.

He is probably researching for another video — How likely is a world war in the next 10 years? He is probably thinking about Russian preppers as well. Which countries are fighting together? Do you think there is a risk of historic civil unrest or even civil war after the election results are in?

Well, I don’t know what to tell you, CP. After having watched a lot of your videos, I feel like anything is possible, and we should all prepare for the worst. My next step could be learning how to sharpen a shovel or how to make a rabbit trap. To start with something lighter, that is.

screenshot of Canadian Prepper's website

Canadian Preparedness Website

While his YouTube channel is educational and philosophical, the Canadian Preparedness website is shopaholic’s paradise — merchandise galore.

After having watched all the hard-hitting videos, you kind of stop when you see his website and ask yourself — Are we all customers to him? Or, are we fellow preppers?

Well, it’s hard to answer that question. He is obviously a successful businessman and some would argue that motives are a luxury we can’t afford.

When you’re hit with the abundance of prepping and survival gear, take comfort in the fact that everything is tried and tested by Canadian Prepper himself.

Take a closer look at his Amazon reviews.

Amazon reviews

It is useful to read Canadian Prepper’s recommendations and reviews on Amazon. He really tests all the gear, rigorously, in the smallest detail, systematically, and most importantly, gives his honest opinion. He reviews gear he buys and uses — sports gear like bows, prepping items like flashlights, and every YouTuber’s necessities — headphones, speakers, and Magix Movie Edit Pro.

“My reviews are honest, I see a lot of reviewers just giving everything 5 stars.

You won’t get that with me, if you see five stars it means it’s near perfect.”

Review of First Voice BHAZ01-50 Biohazard Waste Disposable Bag:

2.0 out of 5 stars Not pandemic worthy but reasonable for the price

Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2016

*I have a youtube channel called Canadian Prepper and do a variety of credible reviews on it.

-Very compact
-Waterproof and reasonable load-bearing if you avoid ANY (and I mean even the slightest sharp or pointy object).
-Good for extremely low-risk hazardous materials

-Cheap and less than paper-thin won’t offer any abrasion resistance and certain no puncture resistance. I would not trust this for disposing of what could potentially be infectious material, especially if you had to say store it in a pile outside, it’s bound to leak or be quickly deteriorated in the sunlight, especially in high temps. Material is not strong enough.
-The biohazard symbol is very faint and not properly place on all bags so you may not even know what it is UNTIL AFTER you start handling it. The biohazard symbol should be distinct from a reasonable distance. You can barely see this.

*For serious preppers I would not recommend this.

Review of Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Bar

5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Tasting Freeze Dried Food Bar None

Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2016

*I have a youtube channel called Canadian Prepper and have reviewed numerous types of freeze-dried food.

Mountain house is by far the best freeze-dried food on the market with great recipes and a diversity of contents. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality of food and taste if in an emergency situation then this is definitely the package to get.

Individually resealable packets, can cook contents in bag and reseal for later. Bags can be re-used for waterproofing the rest of your gear.

He writes in-depth reviews, goes over every feature, and evaluates the product ruthlessly. Read his raving review of New Nitecore P12 2015 Edition Flashlight.  Who knew flashlights could get men excited like that?

screenshot of Canadian Prepper camping in winter

Canadian Prepper website offers a solution for every prepper’s need. There’s no way you’ll leave empty-handed.

Products are organized into well-known Prepping categories: food, water, shelter, security, fire, medical, and a couple of additional ones: backpacks, tools, saws, cook, tech, cordage, and apparel. They are all equally important if you are serious about prepping.

Each of the mentioned categories has several subcategories.

When you enter the Backpack category, you will find 121 backpacks for every need, budget, and taste. They are organized into subcategories: small, medium, large, pelican, waterproof, etc.

Their most popular backpack is Vanquest- MARKHOR-45 offered for $299.99 (USD).

A great choice if you’re looking for a blend of tactical and hiking.

Every product on the website comes with a full description, specs, a list of accessories available for that item, and a price expressed in USD.

Often, there is a video review of the product at the bottom of the page to help you make a decision.

Understandably, Canadian Prepper can’t test all the merchandise himself, so you’ll get a chance to watch reviews from the Vanquest Gear team, PreparedMind101, UCO, etc.

Unfortunately, there is one product I couldn’t find on this website. I believe all people are looking for disposable face masks these days.

And Canadian Prepper has got you covered, all too well!

He’s offering 22 different gas masks, filters, and Hazmat protective suits but nothing for ordinary, daily usage during coronavirus epidemic.

In case you were trying to find protective gloves, go to Emergency, then Gas Masks, and under Protective Suits, at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes, items are harder to find, but that’s because the website is like an Amazon Mini-me.

In my opinion, the Canadian Prepper website offers its customers a variety of items, all of the high quality, and an informed, detailed approach to each product.

You will surely not go wrong if you make an impulse purchase, because everything you see is here for a reason — to not let you down in a case of emergency.

screenshot of Canadian Prepper Facebook page

Canadian Prepper on Facebook

While the website and YouTube channel are bursting with content, the Facebook page is best left alone.

That’s what Canadian Prepper did, anyway.

There are no special comments, just robotically uploaded videos that are already running on YouTube.

So, move on, there’s nothing new to see here.

screenshot of Canadian Prepper Instagram account

Canadian Prepper on Instagram

Make sure to check out his Instagram account. Just in case you were thinking — this is a conspiracy raging maniac, his photos will change your mind. Here, we see another side to Canadian Prepper. Here is Nate. There are his family, dogs, yard, hiking adventures, and stitches. I think I saw him smiling.

He’s human like you and me; fun, vulnerable, and loving.


If you are looking for a guide on how to start prepping, Canadian Prepper is a great start.

He offers theoretical knowledge, many reviews of gear, and an online store with many tested brand name products.

Even if you aren’t buying the whole Prepping and Survivalist philosophy, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and being eco-friendly should persuade you to implement some of his teachings.

At its core, the Prepping movement is about preparing for any disaster that can hit you.

With so many natural disasters, ongoing global health epidemics, political unrest, and danger of economic collapse, we all need a mentor like Canadian Prepper to provide us with some guidance.

There is no need to emphasize that vigilantes and cannibals might be coming too. But, if they do, we’ll be prepared.

All thanks will go to Canadian Prepper and his efforts to wake us up and warn us in time to start prepping.

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