TriggerCam Review, A Hunting Rifle Scope Camera

TriggerCam Review

The TriggerCam is a pretty revolutionary product in the hunting field. There are only a few good options out there for hunters and rifle enthusiasts to capture video and images from their scope. Dive into this TriggerCam review for an in-depth look at this product.

We have been trying to broaden our site into the hunting niche as our burden is that if you want to be a good prepper you need to be a good farmer, hunter and hiker (see the about us page).

We are glad to be able to have this TriggerCam to review and they are listed on our recommended brands page.

TriggerCam Review Product Overview

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Have you ever imagined a world where you can relive certain experiences?  Here it is!  With the Triggercam 2.1, you can enjoy footage from your hunting experience.  The Triggercam 2.1 is designed to withstand any recoil your hunting rifle might throw at it.  

The TRIGGERCAM mobile application provides the user with a fully integrated control interface to your TRIGGERCAM through Wi-Fi connectivity. The app is available on both IOS & Android platforms and downloadable from the app stores for free.

Triggercam is an openly Christian company with a hard work ethic and humility in their approach, you can read more on their about us page.

The TriggerCam is a must-have utility for Hunting & Sport Shooting Enthusiasts.

You will notice that the triggercam comes with a ton of attachments which ensure that it will fit most size scope rings (32mm – 48mm) you have. So compatibility is there.

They include also the USB cord that you will simply use to recharge the unit for hours of video and image recording.

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The build of the TriggerCam is of great quality in mostly metal housing (Aircraft grade aluminum and proprietary anti-shock materials).

It has a military-grade design, engineered to withstand recoil force and unforgiving outdoor conditions

The scope cam has a waterproof rating of IP64.

Features of the TriggerCam

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The dimensions of the TriggerCam are 100mm x 50mm x 93.2mm, it doesn’t add much length to the scope but you might have to adjust the rings to move the scope forward to compensate.

The weight of the device is 453 grams which is not a deal breaker and is relatively light.

A great feature is the smartphone app that works seamlessly with the TriggerCam. It is an essential part of this device. Available on Android, IOS & Huawei operating systems. Live streaming capability, video gallery, camera control, download and edit videos.

You can technically run the device without the App but it is much easier to have the app synced.

For storage, an SD Card up to 128G, Class U3 or above can be used. Through wifi there is a live streaming function and instant downloading of videos, the wifi is built into the TriggerCam device itself.

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When putting on the scope rings there is an essential screwdriver tool that is required to tighten down a screw over the device that tightens to the scope and ring attachments.

The optics itself in the TriggerCam is a multi-coated optical lens for optimal performance. From my perspective, it’s good quality glass and doesn’t hinder quality in any way.

TriggerCam has built-in advanced video stabilization technology that assists in optimal quality videos minimizing recoil effects. The function can be switched ON/OFF

What Others Are Saying About The TriggerCam

TriggerCam Review, A Hunting Rifle Scope Camera 1

TriggerCam is one of the few options out there on the internet to find a solution to record rifle scope footage. Here are a few opinions expressed by others on TriggerCam.

Paul Austin says in Rifle Shooter Magazine: “For live streaming, one of the standard 1080p modes is best, as they’re lag-free over the wi-fi connection. The 4K mode is sluggish as a live feed but it’s fine when recording direct to the SD card and subsequently ported to a desktop PC for editing. All in all it’s impressive.”

Stephen Archer on HardAir Magazine says: “For a PCP air rifle, it’s perfectly fine. I attached the TriggerCam to a Sightron S-TAC 3-16×42 scope with no problems.”

A Conributer To SnipersHide Forums says: ” It’s not ultra light but doesn’t weigh enough to be a problem. It compact enough that I won’t be bothered by it being on the gun. The best part for me is, I teach long range shooting now and then and now I have a way to actually see in real-time from the shooter’s eye view what my students are doing. That is a fantastic diagnostic aid and I know it’ll help me in that endeavor. I can usually tell what a student is buggering up by how they’re failing in some exercise but sometimes it’s a little tough. With reticle video that I can analyze in real time I can help fix those shooter errors early and surely.”

Here is good video footage showing from a Tikka 6xc rifle with (Berger CH 95gr bullets) how the video looks and how the gun recoils:

TriggerCam Review Concluding Thoughts

Trigger Cam 16

Overall the TriggerCam is a very niche product that is innovative and cutting-edge in the field.

It is well worth the investment for those looking for a wide variety of applications it can provide. With the popularity of YouTube and other video streaming options, people are not just looking for static pictures of text but live videos of what you are doing. The TriggerCam gives this ability.

Stay tuned to other hunting posts where we dive into gear for survival hunting. Also, stay tuned for a guest post on my friend’s blog at Tactical Gear Guy where we will utilize the TriggerCam there together.

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