The Top Solar Chargers To Buy Now

Small Solar Charger

Until recently, solar energy was obtained through huge panels that were placed on the roofs of houses and industrial buildings.

Over time, technology advanced and the production of smaller solar chargers began. Now you can take solar energy with you. There are many options for affordable portable solar chargers. Those smaller panels were used to produce electricity for street lighting, traffic lights, lamps in households, and smaller household appliances.

Today, you can take a solar charger with you. They will supply your devices with a sufficient amount of electricity. They are your only safe source of electricity in case of need for survival in nature.

A small portable solar panel as a power source for your devices

In case of emergency, or during a long stay in nature, you must be prepared. Being prepared for emergencies means being able to generate electricity off the grid. In such cases, you need portable solar charger to charge your portable batteries and USB devices. You need to provide yourself with off-grid electricity production. In such cases, solar charger are the only solution to charge your lamps, telephones, USB devices, and portable batteries.

There are a variety of portable solar chargers on the market. All of them are compatible with rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion pack or AA battery charger) and many of them come with a built-in battery. You can even use solar energy for cooking.

All you need is the Sun

Portable solar chargers work by placing them in the Sun and plugging your gear into them. They function in the same way as large industrial solar panels. You need to put them in the sun and plug your device into them. The speed at which solar panel charges depends on the angle between the panel and the sun. It is best if it is at an angle of 90 degrees to the sun.

ATTENTION: Be careful about overheating. Avoid charging devices directly from the solar panel in the hottest part of the day. Instead, charge the battery first and then charge the device. Heat reduces the performance of the panel. Also, you must keep your panel away from hot rocks, stones, or metal.

Ryno Tuff Portable Solar Charger – 21W

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This is perhaps the best portable solar panel. The product has passed a whole series of official tests like load test, output power test, and efficiency test. It maintained 10w on one USB port.

It uses SUNPOWER solar panel cells, which convert 21 W of solar energy into electricity. Conversion is done at a rate of 22%-25%. One of its advantages is the price. It can often be found up to 15% cheaper compared to the same products from other manufacturers.

Any USB device can be charged through it (phone, tablet, fan, GPS device, headlights,…)


Pairing the solar charger with a separate external USB battery is recommended. That way, you wouldn’t have to destroy the built-in batteries of your devices. This will prevent your device from heating up in the sun during the charging cycle

It is very easy to use. Just unfold the solar panels and place them in a place exposed to direct and strong sunlight.

If the indicator on the USB output port glows red, there is enough sunlight to charge the device. The panels must be turned vertically towards the sunlight in order to obtain maximum solar energy.


This solar charger only charges your device when exposed to sunlight. It only takes pure solar energy and converts it into electricity. The panel can be damaged if it is exposed to direct rain. In the middle of the day, when the sun is at its strongest, the panel may overheat and stop charging.


Its price is up to 15% lower compared to the same products from other manufacturers

BigBlue 3

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Efficiency and reliability are key factors for purchasing this panel. BigBlue 28V converts approximately 24% of solar energy into electricity. That is why it is one of the most efficient models. It has a simple and durable design.

It is possible to charge it even in conditions of partial flooding because it has an automatic restart function. Its big advantage is its price. It is one of the cheapest panels of its size with almost 30V capacity. It’s simple AND that makes it cheap to produce.


It consists of four strong solar panels that are interconnected. It is equipped with three USB ports. Thus it is possible to charge several devices at the same time. This ability to provide such a strong secondary charge makes BigBlue the best in its segment on the market. It has many buckles, it is easy to attach it to the backpack.


A little big and bulky. The panel lacks DC charging, so plugging in your laptop or larger is not possible.


It brings the possibility of charging your device even in cloudy weather.

X-Dragon 20W

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It consists of three mono-crystalline panels that allow it to convert with a high efficiency of 25%. The device has automatic current and voltage adjustments. This allows the device to deliver three amps per port under direct sunlight.

With its 20 V, it provides solid high-speed charging at a reasonable price. With two USB ports, the X-Dragon puts out at least 2.1 amps through each port.


The panel comes with numerous loops and carabiners. This makes it easy to hang it on a backpack, tree, or tent. It allows the board to be tilted more directly toward the sun. It performed well when the sun is not shining overhead, then its charge is 624 mAh.

During direct exposure to the sun, its charge is 1220 mAh. Its exterior is made of quality material. When closed, the solar panels are well protected from scratches and damage.

It has a mesh pocket with a zipper on the backside. It protects the output ports of the charger and can easily store an extra battery. Also, the pocket can be a great place to store your cell phone so it doesn’t get too hot while the solar panel charges it.


The X-Dragon does not have an outlet for charging larger devices such as a laptop and does not have a 12-V connection. The solar panel could be a little more portable and lighter.


 Excellent ability to catch the sun. It provides good charging even when it is cloudy.

SunJack 25W

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Extremely well-designed and durable panel. Thanks to the robust panels it has a high speed for charging the device. The panels are coated with ETFE, which is responsible for their durability. It has a tremendous ability to withstand the desert sun, dirt, and dust. The price-quality ratio is excellent and it is one of the more expensive panels in its category.


It has a mesh storage pouch on the back, which is roomy enough for the two SunJack batteries that come with the kit, plus extra cables and your cell phone.

Average 25V panels charge your phone about 10% in 30 minutes. SunJack filled the full 18%. It also shows excellent results in the simultaneous charging of two devices. The SunJack comes with two 10,000 mAh batteries. It is also produced in SunJack 15 Watt and SunJack 60 Watt options.


The main disadvantage is its relatively large size. Also, its weight is a little higher than average for such devices.


It has a great combination of its features, plus it is resistant and has the ability to charge devices in bad weather conditions. Best-performing best performing panels and delivers exceptional performance. Its charging speed, durability, construction and thoughtful design are impressive.

FEELLE Solar Power Bank Charger

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This solar panel charger is different from the ones mentioned above. It has a Li-polymer battery with a high capacity of 24000mAh. This battery can charge most phones more than 10 times. It is extremely well-designed, it is easy to fold, and its size is such that you can take it anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about rain, snow, and frost. This will not affect the ability of this charger to charge your devices. This practical solar charger is lightweight and you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It can charge two devices at once, and also has a flashlight, SOS, and constant light.


Dual output allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time. Waterproof and standard USB ports offer full compatibility with phones, tablets, and laptops. Compared to charging through the outlet, charging through the solar panel is slow, it takes about 35-40 hours to fully charge.

This solar battery is equipped with 3 solar panels. It is suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor trips.

It has dual USB ports that offer 2.1A fast charging. The ports are protected by a cover, making them durable and waterproof. It has 9 built-in bright LED lights that can be used as an emergency lights.


The function button is a bit difficult to locate and difficult to press. Slow battery charging via solar panels.

It is hard to make an exact reading of the charging level.


This is essentially a lithium battery pack that can be charged from a USB port and slowly via its own solar charger. The solar panels unfold quickly and easily.  Also, the solar battery can  be used when folded because the 2 USB ports are easily accessible


Before you buy a panel, think about your needs. Finding the right solar charger depends on various factors. For example, the number of people that are going into the wild with, and for how long;  what kind of devices do you need to charge; are in a low-light zone or a sunny area…

The bigger the charger, the more solar panel surface area that can pump out power. Anything less than 15W could get you in trouble.  Smaller panels have more trouble charging, especially in bad weather. If you want a reliable solar charger in different weather conditions, look for an option with large panels.

A small solar charger can charge your mobile phone 5 to 10 times. They have often integrated units. So, if something goes wrong with the battery pack, your charger could be rendered useless.

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