The Zeus Pro Review, A Super Durable Portable Jump Starter

The Zeus Pro Connected to Car battery 2

Most people in Western countries should have a jump starter. With most people having vehicles this is becoming a universal need.

The Zeus Pro portable jump starter is an extremely durable item that will not only get you rolling down the road again but can be an off-grid energy system for your devices as well as an emergency flashlight.

We have added this product to our recommended brand page, It is 5-star prepper gear, and we love it.

It’s sort of a Swiss army knife for prepper vehicles!

When we talked to Uncharted Supply Co. about their products we enthusiastically agreed to review The Zeus Pro. Uncharted is known for quality and products that will last.

The Unboxing of the Zeus Pro

The Zeus Pro 2

Right away when doing the basic unboxing of the product you could tell you had a quality product in your hands. There are so many portable jump starters on the market but many include lead batteries and very cheaply made lithium.

The Zeus Pro comes with easy-to-read instructions right on the box. No messing with instruction booklets if you don’t want to.

The Zeus Pro 1
The Zeus Pro 1
The Zeus Pro Box 1
The Zeus Pro Box 1
Zeus Pro Instructions 2
Zeus Pro Instructions 2

This is designed simply but is very functional and durable. The pictures on the box are very well done so there is no double guessing on how this works or what you have to plug in where.

On the box, it says: “Simple, Powerful, Safe.” The way the charger functions makes it pretty hard to shock yourself in any way though we did not attempt to do this 🙂

Zeus Pro Carrying Case

Zeus Pro In Case 1

I loved it right away the case even the Zeus Pro was put in. It seems to be in a neoprene type covering with a hard case.

There is no bend or give much in the case so it’s meant to be thrown in the back of the car, truck, jeep, boat, ATV, etc.

There is a carrying sling on it and a sturdy zipper.

Zeus Pro In Case 2
Zeus Pro In Case 2
Zeus Pro Case 2
Zeus Pro Case 2
The Zeus Pro 6
The Zeus Pro 6
The Zeus Pro Case 2
The Zeus Pro Case 2
The Zeus Pro Case 1
The Zeus Pro Case 1

There is a well-built foam enclosure that fits the profile of the Zeus Pro perfectly and a protective padded felt flap that goes over the Zeus Pro to pad from the car starting cables.

On the other side of the case when laying down there is a mesh zipper enclosure that has the USB C cable, Cigarette Lighter adapter, and the Battery Clamps themselves.

Everything fits snugly without having to pressure or shove things in. They have given ample space in the case (good design idea).

Design of Zeus Pro Portable Jump Starter

Zeus Pro In Hand 1

The Zeus Pro supports only 12v batteries which has BIG applications but it should be followed this is the only battery size that will surge charge.

The Zeus Pro portable jump starter has a great texture grip section in the middle so it won’t slip out of your hands when grabbing it to use in an emergency outside in the cold or weather.

There is a very clear indicator light and progressions in the picture to show from low to high bars how well the device is charged. (4 lights are there).

On one edge of the device is a power button and the other edge has a waterproof cover that reveals the plugins for the battery charger clamps.

The Zeus Pro - Uncharted Supply Co 2
The Zeus Pro – Uncharted Supply Co 2
Zeus Pro In Hand 2
Zeus Pro In Hand 2
The Zeus Pro 5
The Zeus Pro 5
The Zeus Pro 4
The Zeus Pro 4
The Zeus Pro 8
The Zeus Pro 8
The Zeus Pro 7
The Zeus Pro 7

On the one end there are the main plugins buttons and light.

There is a QC18W Out USB 3.0 plug. Quick Charge (QC) is a proprietary battery charging protocol developed by Qualcomm, used for managing power delivered over USB. Essentially it allows a faster charge-up of your phones or devices.

There is a PD60W In/Out USB C Port. This type of USB-C is compatible with USB 4.0 protocols. The reason for it being an out and also in port is this is where you would charge up the Zeus Pro.

Utilizing a USB-C cord for charging up the Zeus Pro makes it very easy to be charged off-grid, from a solar panel, from another power bank or even your laptop.

There are also 2 DC Outputs that are 12-16v/10A. This makes the Zeus Pro a capable battery to light 12v lights in a camper or tiny home RV, etc.

The light is simple but functional. You press the power button down for 3 seconds to turn on the flashlight. Then press once again to switch modes 1) normal flashlight 2) SOS 3) Strobe.

Specifications Of The Zeus Pro

Portable Jump Starter

The Zeus Pro is an ultra-strong portable jump starter, it can get you back on the road in no time!

Featuring a Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 20,000mAh (3.7v/74Wh). That’s a lot of battery in a small package!

It has an EC5 Output of 1000A (Peak). Lithium Ion batteries have a high rate of discharge so applicable for car starting and are also to just used as a normal battery energy source.

It has a mere weight of 640g. The time to fully charge the device is just about 1.5 hours.

BIG REMINDER: Supports 12v Battery System Vehicle only! Don’t try to jump-start a 6v or 24v battery!

Operational temperature range of -20c to 60c. It has a lifecycle of over 1000 times before the battery will slowly degrade.

As with most lithium-ion products you should not exceed the charging time much and unplug after it’s charged.

The Zeus Pro - Uncharted Supply Co
The Zeus Pro – Uncharted Supply Co
Zeus Pro connected to Battery Clamp Attachment
Zeus Pro connected to Battery Clamp Attachment

The Zeus can take your iPhone Plus from zero to 100% battery life at least 10 times in a single charge.

With the addition of a USB-C port, you can now power larger devices, such as a MacBook Pro, as well as re-charge the Zeus from the same port, with quicker times.

The DC5531 output 2 ports could be used for charging devices like lights and air compressors.

The charging of devices will happen automatically once you plug them in.

Make sure to disconnect all cables when storing the device.

Starting A Car Battery from Dead With the Zeus Pro

The Zeus Pro Connected to Car battery

 With 20,000 mAh, this portable battery jumper boasts enough power to start even the largest trucks on the road multiple times.

Using the Battery Clamps to charge a dead or dying battery is pretty straightforward, anyone can do it! The Zeus Pro is automatic and just works!

FIRST STEP – Connect the clamps to the output on the side of the Zeus Pro

SECOND STEP – Connect the clamps to the car battery posts. Connect positive (red) first. and negative (black) second.

THIRD STEP – Turn the ignition key to start your vehicle

FOURTH STEP – Once the car is started remove the clamps from the battery posts. Be careful not to touch the clamps together while the battery is on.

Use only the clamps provided by Uncharted Supply, not third-party clamps. When the lights green and red are flashing it’s on stand-by.

Now that was pretty easy. It’s all automatic and does the hard work for you. 🙂

What Others Are Saying About The Zeus Pro

The Zeus Pro - Uncharted Supply Co

On the Uncharted website, there is a 99% recommendation rate on this product.

Here are a few reviews that stand out:

…for a jump start. Excellent product. I have them in all our vehicles and in my son’s vehicle. Have used them a few times to bail out friends. Always works. A must for wives/girlfriends/daughters.”

Great!!! I have given four as gifts and have used two for our pontoon and truck. Three times, our boating experience would have been trashed but instead, Zeus saved the day. I now plan on giving them as Christmas gifts to our children and grandchildren for their vehicles. The Zeus makes it so easy to jump-start a vehicle by yourself. No bulky cables and then finding someone to get a jump from. As a 70-year-old woman, I feel so much safer on the road.”

We use our Zeus Pro all the time, jumping other people’s cars and my truck when my battery needed to be replaced; and various others. We got it as a gift from my parents for Christmas and it has been the BEST gift. Everyone needs one for their vehicle.

What stands out to me from these reviews is the fact that these do get used. It’s not a product you put in your trunk and forget about but it will be something you will use for yourself and even for others.

My Conclusion On The Zeus Pro

The Zeus Pro 1

After taking a look at this product and using some of its features I can tell is going to get a lot of use from us personally.

We have multiple power outages each year and I can see this being used in each occurrence.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to jump-start someone with this device and not have to lug around huge jumper cables! (sigh of relief!).

I cannot highly recommend the Zeus Pro, grab one today and maybe grab a few for your family members.

Check out some of Uncharted Supply Co.’s other durable products. We look forward to reviewing several more over time here. They definitely pass the durable quality test for preppers and survivalists.

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