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embrace prepping philosophy
embrace prepping philosophy
Prepping manifest

Is prepping important, is it a necessary set of skills one needs to acquire or is it just a hobby? Let’s get things clear first. We live in an age of information, an abundance of it. It is the most prominent concept that characterizes our civilization today. Technology runs the world and data runs tech. Each one of us has a task to determine whether technology serves us or if we are just a cog in a machine that turns its wheels more rapidly every day.

The progress witnessed in the last half a century has been unimaginable for the analog human being, and the future such progress offers might be a substance of dreams, and on the other hand, quite possibly nightmares. It is upon each of us to decide the part we play in these possible futures. The first step is to be well informed, and to anticipate what will the next day bring.

There lies the trap. Who to believe? Voices of reason that deny the possibility of SHTF scenarios? The apocalyptic prophets that cause panic and mayhem? The answer is to believe in yourself, take nothing for granted and keep an open mind. As much as prepping is gaining substantial followers and creating versed practitioners, there will always be the ones opposed to the idea, and as much as you have to learn from an experienced survivalist, you would do good to eavesdrop on the naysayers as well, perhaps to substantiate your position or to pivot a little bit in order to find your own path.

Prepping in a brave new world

However, it is my strong belief that prepping is not just some trend that will vanish when the world reaches its civilization utopia, which, let’s face it, is something our generations are not going to live to see, but a profound return to the roots, to a self-sufficient, capable and innovative human being that is here to persist.

So, the answer to the question, should I start prepping, is a paramount YES, with all the reservations and doubts that you might still hold. Start prepping because it is not just the latest trending video on Tik Tok. Start prepping because it is a smart thing to do.

Consider this as a means to an end, securing the survival of your family and yourself. Also, you might want to take a look at what prepping encompasses. This is the ultimate self-improvement process that you could possibly undertake.

Namely, this all depends upon you to achieve. To prepare yourself physically to withstand conditions and challenges beyond your pacified habitat. To be mentally prepared for such demanding circumstances. To improve your skills and master the tools that technology, science, and craftsmanship offer. To teach and share that newly acquired knowledge with your family and friends that share your point of view. Consider that new, capable, action-oriented person you are becoming. Isn’t that a thing to strife for in itself? Prepping is not just about getting a bug-out bag and some food to go along with it. Prepping is shaping the world to your own accord.

Hal Lewis

Hal Lewis and his wife Nancy spend most of their time working on their homestead, from rain water collectors to solar panels and battery stations, they’re doing it all. While they’re not disconnected from the rest of the world, the two of them prepare for come-what-may. Hal has spent twenty years in and out of different jobs that have all helped with homesteading, and to save you time, he’s here to show you everything you need to know to get started. It’s a tough road ahead, but with tips, tricks, and buying advice for materials and prepping necessities, he’s got you covered.

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