Teren Daily Driver Pants, Possibly the Most Comfortable Durable Pants

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Teren is on a mission for comfort and durability to create pants that are different and suitable for all occasions from work to hiking. Teren Daily Driver Pants is their flagship original product line that started their company.

They advertise the pants as “the perfect pants for any occasion.”

At PreppingInsder we have placed Teren in our recommended brands section. In an emergency situation, you do not want cheap quality pants that will not last intense situations.

Teren’s pants are different and will give you that edge to survive but also do it in comfort! (they look normal but have the qualities of hiking or other extreme survival clothing).

Overview of the Teren Daily Driver Pants

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At first look, the pants look very normal. Sort of like casual-looking pants or even could pass as business casual.

This is the secret of what Teren is up to, they want something comfortable in feeling aesthetically as well as the actual feel of the pants on your body.

Teren says: “A 4-season DWR fabric that is quick-drying, moisture-wicking. 4-way stretch with 6 total pockets, 2 deep tanto-style pockets, 2 hidden zippered pockets and 2 rear pockets, makes carrying essentials easy, but with no bulky or unflattering cargo-silhouette.”

That is a mouthful but gives a really good overview that these pants are different than the normal pants you buy at Walmart!

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The Features of the Teren Daily Driver Pants

Nick the co-founder of Teren goes over the features in this informative short video that is worth checking out:

What goes into Teren’s pants is what sets them apart from other competitors. Really from my perspective, they have come up with a product that fills a niche that is barely touched.

I personally love wearing hunting or hiking clothing in normal day life but sometimes you wish the clothing would look more normal and simple. Especially your wife is hoping you don’t look like a perpetual hunter, Teren solves this.

Here are some of the unique features of Teren Daily Driver Pants:

DWR (Durable Water Repellency) – Spilt coffee? No problem! Liquids will bead up & roll right off your pants, keeping you fresh and clean throughout the week.

4-Way Stretch –Allows your pants to move with you -instead of restricting you – making them incredibly comfortable all day long. Nothing is worth then tight pants ripping or getting torn when you are trying to grab your go-bag and fleeing in an emergency.

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Quick Drying – Getting wet might be a reality if you are out trying to survive in a shelter or going out in the rain in an emergency situation. Having pants that dry out quickly really will help prevent sickness or lower the temperature of your body.

Anti-microbial – This is a super important feature that really is important when you are wearing pants in an extreme situation 24/7 and can’t wash them for a week. This can hinder infections or problems when wearing the pants several days in a row.

Odour Resistant and Moisture Wicking – The pants have an odour-resistant treatment to them and also are designed in a way that allows moisture to wick away from the pants. Having pants breathable like this is a big key to their quick drying.

Magnetic Button – This might seem like a small feature but it produces a very comfortable pant situation, when you sit down or bed over it can give you that extra flexibility and will automatically come locked again after you sit up straight. Innovative and a nice feature!

Teren Daily Driver Pants
Teren Daily Driver Pants
Teren Daily Driver Pants

Conclusion On The Teren Daily Driver Pants

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Overall I am impressed with their product, they really have set themselves above others in this field.

It is hard to find another company doing exactly what they are accomplishing. They hit so many boxes with their Teren Daily Driver Pants that it’s hard to find competitors that are doing this also.

At Prepping Insider, we recommend having 1-2 of their pants in your go-bag or in your daily clothing, it’s a perfect pair of pants that will enable you to be ready for any situation!

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