Savage Axis 270 Review: Affordable Hunting Rifle, Good Or Bad Choice?

savage axis 270 review

With so many options out there for hunting guns what makes the Savage Axis possibly worth getting?

In this Savage Axis 270 review, we will look at several criteria to gauge if this weapon is good as a hunting option at its price point.

Of course, compared to a Sig Sauer Cross Rifle the Axis does not hold any weight at all. But for a beginner hunter it could be a viable option, in the USA or Canada it is easily accessible.

The 270 bullet is it a good hunting option?

Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope

We need to first start at the bullet calibre of .270 Winchester and ask the question, is this even a good calibre for the hunting you are expecting to do?

The 270 Winchester is an excellent round but it lacks the ability to shoot anything bigger than 160 grain bullets

This makes it not suitable for Moose, Buffalo, (possibly Elk) and Grizzly Bears. It definitely can handle all types of Black Bears and Deer. It would also work as a varmint farm rifle to nail coyotes and pest birds.

With that said you “can” and “could” kill a Moose, Elk or larger game with this gun, really shot placement is key not just a larger calibre of bullet.

One selling feature of the 270 is that it has less recoil than larger gun calibres such as the 308.

Towards accuracy, the 270 does well and is also a great long-range cheaper option bullet. The 270 Winchester has a very flat shooting angle similar to the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Federal 270 Win 150 Grain
Federal 270 Win 150 Grain
Bullet In Cartridge
Bullet In Cartridge
Winchester Power Point 270 Win
Winchester Power Point 270 Win

The 270 Winchester is a readily available bullet on the market and is priced moderately well. Nothing worse than getting a gun calibre that is hard to find ammo for!

On average the most optimal range for the 270 is around 300 yards for accurate hunting shooting. The 270 retains energy well to maintain around 1500 ft-lbs of energy to the range of 400 yards potentially with the right bullet.

Power Point Bullets
Power Point Bullets
Winchester 270 Win Picture 2
Winchester 270 Win Picture 2

I have enjoyed using the Winchester PowerPoint 270 bullets. They are 130 grain bullets that allowed me to take down a good mature buck with no problem at the range of over 150 yards.

You do have to be careful with bullet drop after 150 yards. There are apps and other methods to figure out your MOA settings so you can simply adjust your scope for the range you are trying to shoot at.

There are 150 grain options for the 270 which could be good if shooting an elk, bear or even attempting a Moose! (don’t tell anyone I suggested even trying that)

The Savage Axis 270 review: Overall Feel

Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 2

There is no doubt that this is an entry-level gun. The bolt action is a bit rough and the gun is very simple.

With that said it is amazing also what you get for the price point of roughly USD 400 and $600 Canadian (prices vary).

I loved the camo look of the gun right away, it has that “hunting” feel to it. The durability of the barrel is in question as it is not “anodized” and could rust if not taken care of.

The stock feel is reasonable, it has a decent profile and feel overall. The weight is 7.365 lbs bare and the barrel length is 22 inches.

The overall gun length is 42.5in / 107.950cm.

The stock overall feels more modern with lots of contours. What I did like was the solid and larger recoil pad which includes “vents” that help absorb more of the shot.

Me Holding Savage Axis 2
Me Holding Savage Axis 2
Me Holding Savage Axis 3
Me Holding Savage Axis 3

Carrying around the Savage Axis is not hard and it has a decent amount of balance to it. It does not feel awkward when held in different positions.

The Savage Axis 270 Barrel And Accuracy

Aiming The Savage Axis

The Savage Axis has a carbon steel Barrel. It is button rifled for superior accuracy for what it is.

Savage as a company is known for producing very affordable firearms that sell for very reasonable price points.

The savage rifle is not free-floated. The accuracy in the barrel is with the geometric consistency of how they are produced.

The rate of twist in the barrel is 1 in 10in.

I have a Savage .22 rifle that I use around the homestead for target practice, small animal shooting etc. I am amazed that for such a cheap rifle it is very accurate!

Savage Axis Picture 2
Savage Axis Picture 2
Savage Axis Picture 3
Savage Axis Picture 3
Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 4
Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 4

As part of this savage axis 270 review: I was able to kill a good buck dear with this gun this season. The accuracy was decent but the groupings of 2 inch at 50 yards was not great.

I took the shoot at the buck deer at 120+ yards and the shot placement did move. Overall it is a cheaper option to work with and will get the job done.

The Trigger Pull of The Savage Axis 270

Trigger of Savage Axis 270

The Savage Axis comes with a trigger pull that is a bit heavy (specifically 7.5lbs). This is a downside to the gun.

Many savage guns come with accu-triggers which give a very light pull. You cannot adjust the weight on this standard Savage Axis trigger.

If you are more adventurous you can consider this article on how to change the weight on the trigger: DIY Savage Axis Trigger Job.

Savage arms allude that for hunting rifles it is safer to have a heavier pull on the trigger perhaps:

A light trigger pull is a crucial component of long-range accuracy as the force needed to move the trigger is less likely to move the gun. A heavier pull, though, is often beneficial for those who hunt on the move, or in heavy brush, or from shooting positions that require solid grip in the shooting hand itself.”

You can adjust the trigger weight on the next model up Savage Axis II, it is a bit of a process, savage arms says:

“Detach the stock from the barreled action. Insert the slotted end of the AccuTrigger tool into the trigger return spring and rotate until you feel the slot engage the end of the spring. To adjust the trigger weight higher, rotate the tool clockwise. You will feel a click when it is set to the maximum.”

The Savage Axis 270 Cartridge And Loading

Bullet In Cartridge

Savage as an entry-level gun comes with a basic cartridge system.

It comes in an aluminum casing with a polymer backing. When it goes into the gun it sits flush with the back of the gun which is nice.

A few times the cartridge came out of the gun onto the ground. You have to press up on the cartridge until it firmly clicks.

The cartridge is a 4-round detachable box magazine. It loads quite well and I have had no problems in easy pressing the bullets down to get 4 in.

Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 3
Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 3
Bullet Loading Savage Axis 2
Bullet Loading Savage Axis 2

The bolt is nothing fancy, just a standard savage bolt, it is not as smooth as higher-end rifles (like a Sig Sauer Cross Rifle) 🙂

I have only had 2-3 times where the bullet did not load, but overall it feeds fairly well.

What Others Are Saying About the Axis 270

Savage Rifle Logo

Here are a few other opinions of people on a hunting rifle forum:

transfixer says: “I had the first design Axis, without the accu trigger, it shot great ! Sub moa with hornady whitetail factory ammo.. hunted with it for a couple seasons.. never really liked the stock though..and since I already had one .308 I sold it off.. I think the stocks are different on the second design.. but I havn’t handled one of those… can’t beat the accuracy of their barrels though..especially for the money.”

glynr329 says: “Honestly last time I shot mine at 100 yards bullet holes were touching. That is about as close as you can get without hitting same exact hole. So pretty accurate.”

lonewolf247 says: “The stainless model cost about $75 more, but also included a little nicer scope, being they were both sold as combo rifles. The camo model, came without accutrigger, and the stainless model, has the accutrigger. Probably worth an extra $100 itself.”

On Reddit r/guns richalex2010 says: “Decent entry-level rifle, but odds are you’ll want an upgrade in a few years. It’s plenty accurate for most hunters, and sturdy and reliable, just not as nice to use as something like a model 10 or Tikka T3.”

Savage Axis 270 Review – Closing Thoughts

Savage Axis XP Bolt Action Rifle w/Scope 2

In this savage axis 270 review we have attempted to give you an unbiased objective look at this firearm as a hunting option for preppers.

Overall for the price point if you cannot afford a more high-end hunting rifle this is a great option for the price.

The quality of stock, barrel and all you get definitely will make this a long-lasting hunting rifle that will not fail easily.

Stay tuned to our hunting section where we will feature more guns, and hunting experiences and teach you some invaluable tips so you can hone your survival hunting skills. Our view is every prepper needs to be a hunter (it’s an obvious fit!).

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