Off the Grid Internet: Is Starlink The Future or Are There Any Alternatives?

off grid internet access

Satellite connection is perfect because it covers a more significant spectrum.

The small satellites that move around space ensure that more area is covered, even the ones that are costly to reach.

Up-to-date software updates, regular beta tests, and state-of-the-art equipment is the innovative technology that has put Starlink at the top. Thus, it’s not a surprise that it is becoming a worldwide solution to the internet connection. Many people are, therefore, choosing it because of its effectiveness.

Low Earth Orbit works closely with ground receivers, making the transfers of data quicker. Although concerns have been raised on the effect of the satellites, they seem to solve more problems.

Initially, the satellites were above 600km but got lowered to 550km. The outcomes have then proved to be excellent. As a result, more people are likely to go off the grid with Starlink.

Starlink proves to be a better performer compared to other alternatives.  The possibilities of having a perfect alternative are, therefore, minimal. Advancements in technology may keep Starlink as the best option ever.

Off The Grid Internet

access to internet in rural areas

When living off the grid, internet connection becomes a challenge.

With the increased use of smart devices, the internet is becoming a necessity in many households. This is because, in a daily routine, most people have to read their emails and visit social media. More so, most of their household devices such as coffee machine, television are connected to the internet.

Children have to do their school work, especially with the COVID-19; they need to use smart devices, such as computers and smartphones, which require an internet connection. You, therefore, by all means, have to look for a working solution.

There are so many ways to have you connected to the web off the grid. Using cell phones, cell phone boosters, and wireless broadband are some methods. Off grid internet starlink has taken up the trend off the grid all over the world.

This piece is about whether Starlink the future of off the grid internet. And if it has the best plans with the best costs.

What is Starlink?

launch one of starlink sattelites

Starlink is a satellite network owned by the SpaceX Company.

It is a spaceflight company that invests in providing the internet to remote areas. The company runs a project aimed at fixing satellites.

Starlink has a fast growth rate reaching many areas, most in remote areas. The number of satellites so far has increased, and the number of users is also rising. At the moment, there are 2000 satellites on-air, and at least 9000 launched.

As opposed to other providers who use cables, Starlink uses satellites to transmit internet signals. A satellite weighs 227 kgs and has a small size of around a meter. They are located high above the earth’s surface at specific points.

You will love the speeds at which they transmit and carry large amounts of data. One unique thing is that they project their internet even to places that fiber will never reach. The operational satellites cover an extensive area, and the internet is stable.

Current Beta Tests of Starlink

The current tests have shown that Starlink and broadband are on par.

However, as of May 2019, there has been an increase in the launch of satellites. Every takeoff has been accommodating about 60 satellites, with each expected to orbit around 550Km or the earth’s space.

SpaceX requested to launch around 42000 Starlink satellites covering greatness of 5000. As a result, an outcome of gigabit speeds with latency dominates. A latency of 10 milliseconds with perfect responsivity makes the satellites more excellent.

There has been a question on the working of the beta tests. Such details are subject to change and are also subject to various modifications; therefore, there is no need to disclose them. On average, a user should use the internet for between 30 minutes and around an hour.

A regular update from the reported outcomes by users gets provided. Facilitation is done using calls, emails, and surveys, making it easy for users to participate in the survey. SpaceX claims to suspend your service if you do not participate in the survey or share your experience.

During the beta test work, the internet speeds get affected, and the rate will lower. For eight weeks, you will experience low speeds, thus not ideal for gaming. Technicians also take advantage of the beta testing period to do their repairs. This ensures that users do not get internet disruptions often.

Starlink sends the user a pre-assembled kit via FedEx with a dish, a router, and a power supply for self-installation. Simple installation is the best trait of Starlink as it comes with four mount options. The first option, ridgeline, takes 40 minutes; lawn mount 10 minutes, volcano 2 hrs. The last one has no mounts.

Starlink has made various changes though minor; for instance, the launch of the initial 4409 satellites, which are now 4408 for 550km in altitude, have had an increment in operation to between 540-570Km.

The updates on nine launches have been of significant benefit to the success of Starlink. An invitation to new users to join the service has been launched too. Engineers are, therefore, working towards boosting the capacity to have more users.  

Public interest has grown at a double rate. More users have gained interest in Starlink, making it the largest compared to broadband. Requests to have modifications and adding more to space safety have been the trends in user experience.

There are more missions underway to make the service better. Around 5-8 missions are expected to get complete before the end of 2020. More than 120 Starlink satellites production for each month is setting up the pace for Starlink’s future. In the next phase of launching, there shall be more satellites whose performance will be outstanding.

The outcome of the launching and invitation of more users is the opening up of rural areas. Communities will now enjoy the fast speeds of online activities. More ideas that need ample funding are getting developed.

The test’s principal role is to reach many people and assess the outcomes of already implemented actions. An outcome of improvement will result in a better service and expansion of the potential of the connection.

Cost of Off the Grid Internet

costs of starlink access

Contradicting information about the cost of Starlink beta keeps everyone confused.

The billing page claims $1 for the charge test. However, the test charge is $3 in the upfront and then $2 every month on service terms. It is, therefore, not clear how much the final billing shall be.

Grid internet has various costs depending on the service you are getting. The initial installation cost is determined by the place of residence and the service you expect from it.  Extending the internet seems to be more expensive than the initial price.

The Determinants of the Cost of Grid Internet

costs of grid internet installation

Grid extension

In this case, the cost is determined by the terrain, utility, distance covered, and the load’s size. Different costs come with different variables depending on the extremes of the extension. If the grid is reliable, then the cost will be cheaper; otherwise, it will be expensive.

Country situation

Each country has a specific price to have the grids installed. Depending on the location of the country, different prices feature. It is all dependent on the state of the country and the availability of materials to do the installation.

Utilities and loans

It may be quite expensive to have the connections implemented. Such cases require utilities and loans, which make it cheaper. The loan also varies according to the period of repayment.

The most exciting thing with loans is that they are interest-free or have a low-interest rate. Arriving at the specific amount to be paid highly depends on the other backing sources.

To go off-grid, you may need $100k. Any price up to $150 is also fair. However, the cost of installation is higher. Once installed, you will enjoy a cheap and reliable internet.

A common misconception is that it is expensive. However, if you consider you can use the internet at any point and has no lag, it is well worth the cost.

Is Starlink the Future of Off the Grid in the World?

future of starlink

Yes, it is. It is given the green light because it has a cheap internet solution to the world’s problem.

Most areas in the world have no internet connection. Starlink has made it all possible by launching satellites that cover more comprehensive sections effortlessly.

In terms of the cost of connection, it is still the pacesetter because it is cheap to make satellites and install Starlink.

Starlink is at the cutting edge because it has already set the pace. It has so far launched many satellites that are delivering a first-rate service. On the ground, many satellites are getting manufactured. For instance, each month, there are 150 satellites ready awaiting the day of launch.

Having worldwide coverage makes Starlink a better option for many people. The off the grid internet is affordable and very effective. You will also find it lovely to have devices connected without experiencing challenges associated with internet failure.

Finally, when compared to other types of grid internet, it proves to be better. You will love how well it got established and how effective its working strategies are. The chances of having an insufficient production are therefore limited.

New technologies are the key to excellent performance. Starlink is coming up with new strategies daily to improve its performance. Making service delivery and gaining more customers has been a significant consideration of the company.


Off grid internet is a quick solution if you are in a place that is not connected well.

The good thing is that it has many available options to make connections possible. Using off grid internet starlink has many benefits, and it is reliable. So what are you waiting for?

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