How To Build Strong Prepping Foundation

prepping and the power of will
prepping and the power of will
Reach prepping peak

Prepping is a complex process that takes time. Being well organized is key to the success of any undertaking, let alone of one that your life might depend on. As I have mentioned before, prepping is not just getting adapted to the world that might follow, but also adapting the existing world to your needs, and creating a new person whose skills and knowledge can bend circumstances to your advantage.

Before familiarizing yourself with the basics of prepping, and finding all the how -to-get started guides, one must first build a strong foundation of will. We have all had feelings of not belonging and alienation from this world. Why is that, is something wrong with me? Or this world is not created to suit our individual needs?

The Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin is based upon one sole process, and that is survival. The species that adapt, they evolve. Change is evident in a long- term process of evolution and humans have gotten to the top of the food chain and evolved from prey to most dominant beings on the planet due to the ability to change unparalleled in other species, change that is sometimes visible in just a couple of generations.

Prepping as a way of life

But what happens when we ourselves threaten our very own existence and become our worst enemies? Who can we rely upon to save us from peril but ourselves? That is the mantra you should repeat daily and it is the notion that will help you keep your prepping vision unclouded in times of doubt.

You should build awareness of the true nature of the world, ever-changing and uncompromising. Educate yourself, read history, and learn about the rise and fall of civilizations, read philosophy, classic and modern writers such as Henry David Thoreau and Cormac McCarthy, or sometimes rely on movies to depict what the future might bring or where do you fit in facing the forces of nature.

Appraise your abilities, resources, financial and otherwise, skills and knowledge. Where do you see yourself on a scale from one to ten, how capable are you to endure everything that is thrown your way? And how about your family and close friends, and you will need them if SHTF. This is your motivation. This is your guiding star. This is where you start building your foundation. this is where you start prepping.

A building is as strong as its foundation. The first thing you need to build is a system of unwavering belief. These beliefs and ideas might change, as the circumstances do change all the time, but they have to be your own, whether you made them up yourself or “stole” them somewhere, you have to trust them as you trust your instinct to survive. They can make a difference between a survivor and a leader and a weak link that breaks.

Consider this as a martial art. Everything a Shaolin monk does comes from within. His ability to bend the laws of physics comes from intense meditation. Your ability to overcome obstacles comes from inner strength, self-confidence, and the ability to adapt, to change your idea of yourself. Once you start that process, it will be irreversible, and a personal evolution will ensue. To get there, start with the first brick, and lay it down carefully. It’s the most important one.

Hal Lewis

Hal Lewis and his wife Nancy spend most of their time working on their homestead, from rain water collectors to solar panels and battery stations, they’re doing it all. While they’re not disconnected from the rest of the world, the two of them prepare for come-what-may. Hal has spent twenty years in and out of different jobs that have all helped with homesteading, and to save you time, he’s here to show you everything you need to know to get started. It’s a tough road ahead, but with tips, tricks, and buying advice for materials and prepping necessities, he’s got you covered.

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