How Russian Preppers Fight The COVID-19 [Sputnik V Update]

Russian preppers vs Covid-19

The current epidemic and state measures to establish control over the population are the literal embodiment of the phobias on which the subculture of the Russian Preppers, so-called survivalists, is based.

The very movement of people preparing for a hypothetical disaster in their spare time, learning to live in difficult conditions and handle firearms, as well as making supplies and shelters, came from the United States, where at one time it was fueled by fears of nuclear war.

Today this movement is quite popular in Russia as well – judging by the forums and publics on social networks. Not all of them take the game seriously, but there are also plenty of real paranoids, as they call themselves, not without irony. Let’s take a closer look at the Russian Prepper culture.

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Russian Prepper Ivan

Russian prepper Ivan is thinking about what is happening in connection with the global spread of COVID-19 and the actions of the authorities. Russia has confirmed 1,015,105 cases of coronavirus and 17,649 deaths in September 2020. You can see the latest numbers here.

More actively than others, Russian preppers are riding the wave of collective fears of our time, and by their personality type, have been waiting for “something like this” for many years. Now, it seems, the truth was on their side, but the Russian survivalists’ readiness for a crisis, in practice often turns into a comedy or a fountain of conspiracy theories. So, even now, some question the Russian Preppers behavioral model.

Russia vs Covid-19
Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

Blogger Russian Prepper

The video blogger Prepper, popular among Russian survivalists, tells in a video how to protect yourself during the epidemic of the new coronavirus. He is a Russian immigrant to the United States, who runs a YouTube channel for former compatriots with advice on how to respond to crisis situations.

He published the video back in February, in which Russian Prepper advised: in case of aggravation, do not wait for humanitarian aid, but create a stock of food in advance for at least two to three months. To stay outside the home, including in public transport, he suggests wearing a filter respirator, goggles, ideally for scuba diving, gloves, a protective suit sewn from garbage bags. In the absence of glasses, the blogger recommends making a protective helmet from a five-liter plastic bottle. In the house, he proposes to tightly glue all the air ducts, “through which the infection will spread.”

Further, under the video, there is a roll call of Russian preppers who announce their readiness for the upcoming tests. Comments look, for example, like this: “I have 1 set. gp 5 new. gp 7k. PMK 2 set. Soviet flight goggles ozz 10. 1 pc. Shoe covers from l 1 more 1 raincoat ozk. Gas mask gdzk 2 pcs. Shms from rp 5″. For reference, OZK is a combined arms protective kit designed to protect a soldier from chemical and biological threats, as well as from radioactive dust.

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Russian Prepper Pavel

Another survival video blog is hosted by an amateur writer known as Pavel Darts. Back in January, commenting on the spread of COVID-19 around the world, he expressed a rather typical opinion for his environment that the virus is the next US biological weapon aimed at China.

He sees an artificial origin in swine flu epidemics, as well as in Ebola. However, he does not consider the current pandemic to be the long-awaited apocalypse. According to him, biological weapons are effective only when there is a war with the use of other, traditional means, and the state – the object of the attack is already partially destroyed and cannot provide quarantine. However, in the current situation, he predicted a possible shortage of food in stores and urged to make stocks just in case.

In March, in another video, Darts already says that the new coronavirus was a trigger for artificially provoking a financial crisis. The virus itself, according to him, “is nothing special and has low mortality and virulence.” He recommended to his other Russian preppers to“prepare or pray”, reassuring that in the end, everything will be fine.

Later in March, Pavel Darts published another video, where he again voiced the theory that all the problems of mankind were blamed on a virus, and there is “nothing terrible” about the epidemic. However, the quarantine measures taken by the Russian authorities, he approved and ridiculed the survivalists, who “seek to climb into the bunker, live with a filter ventilation unit and walk in a gas mask.” Summing up, he predicted that at the end of the current crisis in Russia, most likely, the opposition will be repressed, which, in his opinion, is “rather good”, and former managers will stand at the machines “to sharpen parts for weapons.”

But not all viewers of the channel and other Russian preppers share his confidence.

All training Anatoly first tests on himself.

“In 2010, I went to the forest and for the first time decided to try to walk over the coals. I came to a beautiful place, burned logs, leveled them with a stick. I read somewhere that you need to wet your feet with water, and I did so – probably nothing could be done more stupidly. As a result, he burned his foot to blisters, I don’t know how I got home. “

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Anonymous Russian Prepper

In general, the coronavirus is a pretext for human hybridization into another species. Specifically, they will replace a person with the sixth race of Raves. Then they are hybridized too. The ultimate goal is to transform a person into an ant or an insectoid. Apparently, during a pandemic, vaccines will contain reptilian insectoid DNA <…>. Now they will introduce the DNA of these parasites so that men, when fertilizing women, give birth to a new hybrid humanoid-reptilian species. If you live, you will understand everything yourself.

Some Russian preppers promote alternative, fantastic theories about the power of world government, and also “admit” the existence of “reptilians” — people with reptilian genes who secretly rule over humanity. According to them, the coronavirus will help identify the latter.

Among reptilians, if they exist, a real pestilence should begin – the incidence there will be 100% and the lethality is very high. From here, monitoring the epidemic can somehow shed light on the existence of some hidden reptilian race, so we are following the development of events, the community writes.

The administrator of the page considers COIVID-19 itself to be the answer of the planet as a living organism to human activities. According to his theory, having sent a disease to humans, the Earth is going to reduce the population to 1 billion people.

There are also other fantasies divorced from reality in this environment. For example, at one of the survival forums, a local regular puts forward a hypothesis according to which the authorities have learned that an asteroid is approaching the Earth, which will inevitably collide with the planet, and the virus is invented to prepare humanity for a global catastrophe under this pretext, “without sowing panic”. By the way, he found many supporters among other Russian preppers in the discussion.

Another Russian prepper believes that people in hospital quarantine with suspected coronavirus are running home because the virus is controlling them.

I suspect that the virus took control of it and now the carrier will want to forcefully and forcibly infect everyone, first, it will be 20 people in a room in a rented hut, then the same goofs somewhere at a construction site or in a minibus, then on the street, and when the carrier loses activity, his carcass will be found and brought back to the institute for dissection and a deeper study of the formed neural connections.

Some Russian preppers also ask philosophical questions: “Comrades, if the economy is shut down, is it worth starting work on Monday?

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Russian Preppers Blame the Government

In general, on the Internet forums dedicated to survival in crisis conditions, the majority perceive what is happening without hysteria and casually discuss current news. Moreover, many Russian preppers approve of the restrictive measures of the authorities or consider them insufficient, citing “Chinese discipline” as an example. This way of thinking is contrary to the classical theory of local or global catastrophe for survivalists, where almost the main negative role is given to the state and its attempts, using the crisis, to establish a dictatorship. The survival strategy implies escape from the city to get out from under the administrative “guardianship”. As a rule, for this, spare housing is prepared in remote rural areas.

An anonymous person proposes to establish quarantine within the Moscow Ring Road and cordon off it with the military. He even calculated that this requires only 49 units of light vehicles with a crew and “separately 1089 flamethrowers to stand in a chain every 100 meters.”

Fantastic assumptions have been put forward that people with the suspected disease can be identified through wiretapping for signs of dry cough and their location can be determined with an accuracy of 10 meters for forced hospitalization.

A cough in telephone conversations can be detected by fairly simple algorithms. Analyzing telephone traffic for coughing, it is quite simple and technologically advanced to observe the scale and trends of the spread of the epidemic right in real-time, the author of the idea informs other forum visitors.

However, the most decisive Russian preppers, and even skeptical towards the state, declare their readiness to leave the city when the situation worsens – in internal slang, this is called the “drape option.”

 “I’m waiting for the very moment when the work has already been quarantined, and the roads have not yet been closed.

anonymous Russian prepper
russian preppers in paranoid nest with a gun
Russian preppers in Paranoid Nest

True, I fear that the work may not be closed. We have food production – and do you know what measures the management took? They banned phones and ordered to wash hands more often,” another Russian prepper writes on March 22.

Among the answers to him and his like-minded people come across ironic and appealing to common sense: “Until the virus began to create zombies, it is stupid to flee from Moscow – medical care is better, there is and will be some kind of law enforcement, there are also fewer problems with food and medicine.”

Some survivalists suggest waiting for the start of the school year to draw conclusions about the severity of the situation, and if it goes well, relax.

According to the traffic police, in the first three days of the non-working week, from March 27 to March 29, more than 850 thousand people left Moscow in cars. Most of them, of course, went to the dachas.

Russian airline company Aeroflot has canceled most of its international flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic. reports — Dmitry Potapenko: “This year 80% of small business will be closed completely”. Multimillion Russia froze in anticipation of bankruptcies and well-forgotten hunger.

Kuril traning camp

A nest for the paranoid Russian Preppers

On the other hand, for active people, the crisis is a powerful stimulus for the commercial principle. The online community called the “Survival Academy”, associated with a group of like-minded people of the same name has been promoting the sale of “a place in the rescue squad” since March 31, thanks to which it is possible to avoid the consequences of “the collapse of civilization, which may occur at any moment.” It costs only 8888 rubles (120 USD).

Those Russian preppers who find themselves in rural areas, away from large cities, will have the highest chances of survival. To hold out until the moment when the authorities can cope with the consequences, they will need an independent source of water and energy, several batteries, a supply of food and weapons to protect against marauders, the advertisement calls out.

The President of the “Academy of Survival” Dmitry Kolesnikov does not want to sow panic. He, in his own words, sits at home in quarantine and believes that “now the most correct thing is to sit and not stick out.” He did not mention anything about joining the Rescue Team, surrounded by fellow Russian preppers.

By the way, in the wake of recent events in Moscow and the Moscow region, the demand for the construction of private bunkers and other individual protective structures has sharply increased. Now, this specific sphere of construction services is put on stream. Even though this pleasure is very expensive, it is obvious that only a person who not only has the necessary income or savings but is also extremely concerned about possible threats in the future can afford it. In other words, it is a “privileged Russian Prepper.” According to Danila Andreev, the founder of the company that deals with such orders, the number of applications has increased two to three times at once.

Onishchenko said the following at the All-Russian Congress on Infectious Diseases,

“We are the only country that really has it today, despite all the fancies we hear in the press and so on. And this suggests that we continue the great traditions that were laid down by our state back in the Soviet period. issues of mass immunization and the elimination of infections. “

Russia fights Covid-19 with Sputnik V
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

The latest updates on COVID-19 — Sputnik V

The latest data on the situation with COVID-19 in Russia and the world are presented on the portal.

Russian news portal reports that Russia on August 11 was the first in the world to register a vaccine against coronavirus, called “Sputnik V”. It was developed at the Gamaleya research center.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin himself got vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine developed in the Gamaleya center.

Bloomberg reports that volunteers are asked to come forward and test the new vaccine.

Moscow Times reports that Mexico will also test the Russian vaccine.

RIA Novosti (Russian news portal) reports — MOSCOW, September 7, 2020, Russia handed over test systems and reagents to 35 countries for conducting 900 thousand studies on COVID-19. reports that the Russian coronavirus vaccine will go into circulation on January 1, 2021.

On September 7 2020 Alexander Gintsburg, head of Russian research center N.F. Gamaleya told RIA Novosti that they intend to vaccinate most of the Russians against COVID-19 by the summer of next year.

Russian Preppers, bloggers, and journalists do not like to share their forecasts about the development of the situation in Russia against the background of the epidemic and the economic crisis. They admitted to being afraid to accidentally fall under the new law on criminal liability for so-called fakes about emergencies, signed by the president.

Russian Vaccine against COVID-19 IN 2021

As the whole world is still racing to find the most efficient vaccine, Russia seems confident that they have found the right solution for this global pandemic and, more importantly, are willing to share it with other countries.

So, right now, the questions being raised are more of a political nature: to accept it, or not? Because, there is no such thing as a free lunch, caution is well-advised. With the vaccine comes baggage, and are we prepared for Russian influence?

Especially now after a year, with so many lives at stake still, and no end in sight, Europe is torn over what to do.

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