GoSun 12v Electric Cooler, A Portable Emergency Option

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In a power outage, grid grid-down situation having a small refrigerator that can be charged on a solar panel is like having gold! The GoSun 12v Electric Cooler is that solution!

GoSun is a very forward-thinking company with very cutting-edge products made with quality and style. I love the feel, look, and branding of their products.

We are excited to have GoSun as a recommended brand on PreppingInsider and to be able to review their GoSun 12v Electric Cooler.

A First Look At the GoSun 12v Electric Cooler

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At first glance, the products are packaged well and I personally love the branding and colours.

Right away you see there are multiple options to power the device with the 12v battery or a plugin to a 120volt home outlet. There is also a way to charge the battery via a normal home outlet.

The packing is well done and the battery was very well padded for safe shipping and no damage to the product.

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GoSun branding is awesome and they have more than just a vision to sell products, on their story page: “Although GoSun is still a small entrepreneurial business, we believe we should all do what we can, when we can. Since our inception, we’ve worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations to provide discounted solar cookers and other solar products to those that need them most.”

The main vision for the company is to give a clean energy future with a focus on solar energy and products that run more efficiently on that type of system.

An Overview of the Features of the GoSun 12 Electric Cooler

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Some of the functions and features might surprise you on this GoSun 12v Electric Cooler.

Firstly, it offers a broad range of temperature control, you can set the temperature within -4°F to 68°F.

Secondly, YES you can make ICE with the sun! in a 12v application, as GoSun famously says on their website: “Use the sun to make ice, not melt it.”

Thirdly there is over 20+ hour runtime! The GoSun Power 144 will keep Chillito cool for 20 hours on an 80°F day.

Fourthly, the cooler has options to charge your USB devices while the cooler is running, making it multi-functional.

Five, This cooler operates on solar or their charged 12v battery and does not require ice. Without ice there is alot more room for items.

Six, there is a mobile phone app that allows you also to control the settings on the device.

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Seven, Whisper-Quiet Refrigeration. It’s great to have the benifits of a mini-refrigerator without all the noise.

There are more features but that is the general overview of the main features of the GoSun 12 Electric Cooler.

Using The GoSun 12v Electric Cooler

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Because of the smaller size the GoSun 12v Electric Cooler is a great for camping, having as a tiny home fridge, using off-grid, or even using as a option for people who live in minivans or off-grid camp sitiutions.

Lightweight at only 18 lbs, use the large built-in handle to take Chillito wherever you want to share a fresh bite or refreshing sip.

The cooler fits over 18 Liters, which is equivalent to over 24 cans of pop.

Equipped with a lithium ion battery to run the fridge while “off-grid” you’ll also have USB ports to charge your devices and 12 Volt appliances.

To start using the cooler is as simple as plugging in the 12v at the back of the unit and placing the battery in the mesh holder. Then at the front of the unit you can just press on the power button. Immediately you will hear the brushless compressor run quickly in the unit.

One of the most convient ways to be able to re-charge the unit would be to order their GoSun Shield / Solar Car Shade. (optional upgrade).

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Being able to plug this unit into the car port or having the battery charged in your car port allows it to be a continual running unit in most cases without AC power.

This makes it a serious option for those living in their vechiles (mini-van or bigger). Add the solar panel into this and its a year round cooler option for living.

Closing Thoughts on the GoSun 12 Electric Cooler

GoSun Electric Cooler 14

Overall, I am impressed in the quality of this product, the battery seems very well made and should allow for all of cycles to run the cooler.

What I love is that the battery itself is a valuable part of the product and you can use that battery to charge devices for trips or other uses which at times you are not needing to use the cooler.

This makes it a mult-purpose product which is why its on our recommended brand list for preppers. Add solar options into your prepping, its a great way to go. Grab the 12v Electric Cooler today on GoSun’s website.

Stay tuned for other great reviews like this on products you need to consider to build your prepping pantry and gear with.

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