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If you’re here, then there’s a high chance you’d like to pick up fishing and want to know what the easiest fish you can catch is.

This article will be talking mostly to beginner-level and newbie anglers. However, even if you’ve been fishing for quite some time now, you can still learn a thing or two about the many easy fish you can catch.

Anyway, let’s not take up so much introducing what this piece is all about and go straight to why we’re here. However, before we start, there are just a few things we need to get out of the way first.

Some say that the fish you can easily catch are the ones most anglers don’t even want. As much as it sounds a bit true, it isn’t. This thing wholly depends on the type of fish and the area you choose to fish in.

Some fish species are easy to catch and very locally abundant. However, often you’ll find that most of them are the ones that aren’t edible or desired.

With that said, here are the fish that are easy to catch. If you’ve never fished before in your life, consider going for the fish we’ve mentioned in this article when you’re starting.

Sheepshead or Drum

This tasty, mouth-watering species is one of the easiest freshwater fish to catch. This type of fish is adored by the Japanese and travels a long way to Asia.

It’s usually sourced from the United States and delivered worldwide. Freshwater Drum, which is also commonly referred to as Sheepshead, is in plenty though most anglers still don’t know how tasty it is.

Most people toss them back into the water when they catch them because of their unassuming, ordinary overall appearance. However, this is why there’s so much to go around.

Drumfish can eat very many other little living beings in the water, and its pharyngeal teeth found behind the throat make it very different from the average fish that’s caught daily all over the world.

You can use different kinds of bait to capture this type of fish, including crayfish and mollusks. But you can use almost anything, from cut bait to insects and minnows.



This fish species is one of the freshwater fish you can catch without even trying.

Yes, it’s a smart fish with mesmerizing diversities and different species; however, just like salmon, it’s a fish that’s enormously available in certain parts of Northern America.

The rainbow and brown trout fish are the ones that are commonly found all across the globe, both of which are very aggressive fish and like to dominate their space.

They can be found very easily, though, and can adapt to almost any environment. They can live comfortably in streams, rivers, creeks, lakes, to the big vast ocean.

They have child-like eating habits, which means that they’re not picky eaters as such. You can use a wide array of bait to catch them, so ensure you have many different kinds of bait on hand.

However, trout frequently change their taste.

They may not bite on to something you had used a while back. Picking up mealworms or nightcrawlers, or even beetles, crickets, and flies can be an excellent way to mix things up.

And like we mentioned earlier, trout are smart fish. You might need something to help your bait sink, or the fish might just swim around it, watching it float around.

The more creative you are with your bait, the more likely they’ll end up going for it.


The Burbot fish has a huge diet. Not only do they go for almost any kind of bait put in front of them, but they can also bite other fish species which are as big as they are.

They’re indeed very ruthless predators. This fish is straightforward to catch because of the huge diet it has. They are known to eat snakes, frogs, and sometimes even birds.

Furthermore, they are impatient to bite, but they also don’t have the strength to fight off reels. Even a newbie won’t find it hard reeling in this type of fish. Also, they’re often easily found in many parts of the world.

However, unfortunately, soon, you might not be able to get them in the United States because they’re fast disappearing.



Bass is a very hyped-up fish species in the fishing community and most beginner anglers tend to think it’s a tough fish to catch.

The truth is that bass is an incredibly belligerent species of fish, making them relatively easy to capture, except those with huge mouths.

Bass are naturally aggressive fish and are widely considered a sporting fish. So, the fact that many anglers go specifically to fish bass means that they’ve been exposed to several different lures and bait.

As a result, they’ve started figuring out the bait and traps used to catch them. They’ll sometimes ignore your lures completely, but don’t worry too much. Just try out different lures, and you’ll eventually get one that they’ll bite on.


Have you ever heard of a minnow before? Well, Chubs are minnows. Okay, not the whole species, just some of them. Amongst them are the hornyhead chub, river chub, and creek chub.

These freshwater fish species are most commonly found around the water bodies of North America. However, there are so many other different species all across the globe.

For instance, the European Chub species are somewhat minnows that can be used as bait, and as we all know, bait isn’t that hard to catch.

We’re simply saying here that the smaller Chubs are easy to capture. However, the larger ones are a bit tougher. Fun fact, though, some of them can even be caught by hand.


Easiest Fish To Catch 1

Perch fish have aggressive eating habits, which you should be delighted to hear about.

There are more than a hundred species of Perch fish swimming all across the globe, from Australia to America to Africa.

Perch’s two most common species are the White Perch and Yellow Perch. While the white ones aren’t indeed a Perch species, the yellow ones are. Nonetheless, both fish are known to be very tasty.

It’s not a type of fish anglers are fond of releasing back into the wild. They have a huge diet and eat everything from minnows, plugs, and leeches to jigs, flies, worms, and insects.

Perch can be tricky at times, and you might need small baits in some instances. Small baits will force them to bite tightly.

They’ll put up a bit of a fight once you’ve got them on your hook, but that just helps make them a bit more fun to catch.


Most anglers enjoy chasing Crappie more than they do Perch. Yes, Perch is not bad; however, here, it’s just all a matter of preference and choice.

Simply put, if you can catch Perch, you can catch Crappie. Yes, they’re two very different fish species, but they also have several common things.

Crappies and Perch have the same dietary plan, so it’s not uncommon to hook crappie with lures and bait designated for Perch. Minnows and small jig are some of the best bait to catch crappies.

Crappies typically reside in the waters around the United States, Europe, and Great Britain. They travel far and wide because they’re a prevalent fish amongst anglers. They’re easily adaptable as well.



This species is very easy to catch because they’re generally foolish fish.

They’re always none the wiser and keep falling for the same bait over and over again. There are so many of them all over North America.

You’ll get them in Europe and South Africa as well. It’s believed that bluegill fish love staying in densely populated areas. There are two reasons you might not like chasing this type of fish.

One is because they’re typically tiny fish. And two, you’ll need to catch many of them to feel like you accomplished something.

Bluegills naturally like feeding on water insects, so your best bet would be to use those as bait. Fun fact, when bluegills don’t have food around where they stay, they’ll start eating their eggs.

Sounds super creepy, no? 

Wrapping Up

Fishing is an enjoyable sport, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you should. Hopefully, this article has shown you enough easy fish you can catch.

Most beginner anglers will have trouble catching fish the first time they set sail. However, when you know what you need to be looking for, life on the water becomes a lot easier for you.

The first three fish on the list are the easiest freshwater fish to catch. If you’re not ready for the ocean, you can start with these first. The truth is, though, you can fish almost anywhere. Just get out there and get those fish.


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