Best Survival Kit For 2022 – Always Be Prepared

Best Survival Kit For 2020 - Always Be Prepared


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Maybe with everything that’s been happening in the world of late you’ve had it on your mind to equip yourself with a survival kit to help you out during an emergency.

However, it’s not always easy to know how to go about it. That’s where a survival kit you can purchase complete with all the tools you need is very convenient.

What types of survival kits are available?

There is a large variety of survival kits to choose from, and some have the basic items you’ll need during an emergency while others go the extra mile.

We’ve got you covered with our survival kit reviews. Here’s the best survival kit for 2020: always be prepared!

Now that we’ve looked at the general specs of the five best survival kits on the market, we can review them in greater detail.

Best Overall: Ready Project 2-Person Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

Ready Project 2-Person Deluxe 72 Hour Survival Kit

This survival kit has everything you need to stay safe during an emergency as it’s packed with loads of items.

Featured specs

  • Filtration water bottle
  • 40 servings of food
  • 81-piece first aid kit


  • You know that water is important to have during an emergency and this kit has a one-liter filtration water bottle that has been tested in the lab to remove harmful bacteria such as giardia lamblia.
  • On the topic of water, you also get eight pouches of emergency water, so you don’t have to panic if there’s a water supply failure. 
  • Once water is covered, you’ll need to ensure you have enough food. This kit has 40 servings of food that you can cook just by adding water to them. There are meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • To help you find your way if you’re lost, you’ll be able to use the compass that’s included in the kit.
  • Other items in the kit include a hand-crank FM radio/LED flashlight with a USB port. This can tune into broadcasts while giving you light as well as can be used to recharge small electronics via USB.
  • You’ll love the canteen cup and stove that has four clean-burning, non-combustible fuel pouches, the rechargeable and windproof electric ARC lighter, and the survival knife.
  • This kit has thought of everything, such as an emergency whistle, an 81-piece first-aid kit, two emergency headlamps, two mylar thermal emergency blankets, two rain ponchos, and two pairs of nitrile-coated work gloves.


  • Some people who have purchased this survival kit have complained about the quality of some of the items, stating that the headlamps are made of cheap plastic and the knife isn’t strong enough.

Extra Features

  • Along with the meals you get, you will also receive two food bars (400 calories each) and two rolls of Life Savers candies. These are perfect when you need a quick calorie injection.
  • This kit can be used by two people.

Buying Advice

This best survival pack costs around $200. It’s really the go-to kit you need when prepping for an emergency situation because you won’t need anything else!

Runner-Up: Emergency Survival Kit 47 in 1 Professional Survival Gear Tool

Emergency Survival Kit 47 in 1

If you’re looking for a kit that has lots of tools and is the epitome of no-nonsense survival, you’ll love this one. It’s been customized by U.S. military veterans.

Featured specs

  • Military-grade nylon bag
  • 28 emergency survival gear items
  • Saber card included


  • The kit contains 28 pieces of emergency survival gear, 16 medical supplies, and 10 fishing tools. You also get a wire saw, pen, compass, emergency blanket, folding pliers, folding knife, fire starter, tactile defense whistle, bottle clip, and saber card.


  • Unless you’re a survivor enthusiast, you might not know what all the tools are for and how to use them, so it would have been a nice touch to have some instructions in the kit.

Extra Features

  • In the kit you’ll receive a bag that’s made of military-grade nylon that’s strong and resistant to water. It’s the perfect bag to store all your important gear, and it has three compartments to keep your stuff organized. It also has MOLLE straps to which you can attach MOLLE compatible gear.
  • This kit isn’t just an emergency survival kit but a kit that you can use in a variety of ways. It’s perfect for police, firefighters, outdoor enthusiasts, medics, and more.
  • The kit has some nice “extra” items that you might not have expected to find in an emergency survival pack. These include a parachute cord, camping utensils, and a saber card, which is a multi-tool card that comes in the convenient shape of a credit card.

Buying Advice

This kit certainly has everything you need plus much more to keep you safe in your daily life as well as in emergency situations.

It costs around $50, which is really a bargain if you consider that there are 47 items in this pack! It’s definitely worth purchasing if you’re serious about survival.

Alternative 1: Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit

Ready America 70280 Emergency Kit

This survival kit is packed with items to ensure that you and another person will be okay for up to three days. Here’s what’s in the pack and what to know about it.

Featured specs

  • 33-piece first-aid kit
  • Food and water packs
  • Backpack included


  • This kit has been designed by emergency preparedness experts.
  • The kit contains emergency food and water packets, two light sticks, a whistle, two ponchos, two survival blankets, a convenient first-aid pocket kit, a backpack in which you can conveniently store all your items, two face masks and gloves.


  • Some people have reported that the backpack in this kit is very small, with some stating that it’s the size to accommodate a toddler. The backpack’s dimensions are six inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 13 inches in height.

Extra Features

  • The first-aid kit contains 33 pieces, such as antiseptic, medication, and bandages so that you can attend to wounds as they happen and prevent infections from occurring.
  • You don’t have to worry about the food in this kit going stale because the food packets have a five-year shelf life.
  • The water pouches have a smart space-saving design because they’re flexible. This makes them easy to pack and transport.
  • The kit also has two food bars that each contain 2,400 calories to sustain you during a food supply shortage.

Buying Advice

This Ready America pack is the best 72 hour kit and it costs around $50 so it’s the type of kit that won’t break the bank.

While it doesn’t have tons of different items for survival, such as when it comes to tools, it does cover the basics: food, water, a first-aid kit, and items to keep you safe, such as survival blankets.

Alternative 2: KOSIN Survival Gear

KOSIN Survival Gear

With 18 items in the pack, this survival kit by Kosin will come to your rescue when you’re in an emergency. Here’s why it’s one of the top survival kits.

Featured specs

  • Essential tools
  • Tungsten window breaker 
  • Durable and waterproof case included


  • The kit contains a mini keychain flashlight, a compass, a wire saw, a multifunctional tool card, a screwdriver, a tactical pen, a survival bracelet, a kettle bucket, a military knife, a flashlight, emergency blanket, and more.


  • The case included in the pack is durable and waterproof, but some people who have purchased this kit have reported that it is not easy to fit all the items back into it after they have been removed.
  • Others have reported that the keychain light and compass are both lacking in terms of quality.

Extra Features

  • The pen has a nifty tungsten window breaker, which is a nice extra you won’t find in many survival kits.

Buying Advice

This Kosin survival kit costs around $30 so it’s really budget-friendly.

If you want the best outdoor survival kit that doesn’t cost a lot and covers you when it comes to the basic items you’d need in an emergency, along with offering some perks, this is a great choice.

Alternative 3: Monoki First Aid Survival Kit

Monoki First Aid Survival Kit

This is focused on providing you with medical supplies in an emergency, making it the best survival kit on the market. Let’s take a look at it.

Featured specs

  • Kit contains over 300 items
  • Kid-friendly first-aid kit


  • This is a 302-piece kit! It contains all the essentials you could ever need and more.
  • Despite its name, this kit contains lots of other survival tools. These include an LED flashlight, a folding knife, a stainless-steel saber card, a multitool plier, a disposable poncho, an emergency blanket, a whistle, a compass keychain, a wire saw, and 11 pieces of fishing equipment, to mention just a few of the items that are in this kit.
  • The first-aid kit has 275 essential medical items so that you won’t feel stranded in a medical emergency. The company has really gone the extra mile by kitting you out with must-have medical supplies because you’ll even get a disposable CPR mask in this pack.


  • Some people who have purchased this survival kit have reported that some of the items are not that strong. An example is the pliers.
  • Other people have reported that the kit tends to lack some items because there are too many other items provided. For example, it’s got loads of Band-Aids and Q-tips.  

Extra Features

  • The bag this kit comes in has a wide carry handle for easy transportation, dual zippers, and lots of interior pockets so that you can keep everything organized. The last thing you need in an emergency is to battle to find items, and this kit will prevent that from occurring. 
  • This survival kit is perfect for the whole family because the medical kit contains items to treat various wounds – it even has mini bandages for kids.
  • Medical kit aside, there are lots of interesting items included in this pack that show it’s an all-round survival kit and not just a first aid kit. For example, you get safety pins that can be used for a variety of things, thus making the kit useful.

Buying Advice

This Monoki first-aid survival kit costs around $40, so it’s value for money while being a must-have, not just for survival situations but many others, such as if you’re regularly outdoors.

It doubles up as the best survival backpack kit for your off-road adventures with the family. 

Survival Kit FAQ

Pro Survival Kit

Now that we’ve looked at the top rated survival kits on the market, let’s look at some common questions surrounding emergency survival kits.

What is the importance of a survival kit?

You might wonder if you really need a survival kit. Perhaps you figure that you’ll purchase one if and when you need one, but aren’t too worried about having one in your household.

This is risky because you can’t always know when an emergency will occur. In addition, survival kits can help you daily, not just when you’re encountering a risky situation.

As we’ve seen from the emergency kits we’ve featured in this guide, emergency kits can be used in a variety of situations.

These include if someone in your family cuts themselves and needs the wound cleaned and bandaged, or if you’re camping and need a flashlight.

Emergency kits can sometimes also provide you with water and food, such as in the case of a natural disaster situation when you can’t gain access to food or there’s no water supply.

Therefore, it’s always important that you have an emergency kit in your home and that every member of the family knows where it is stored should they need it.

What should I put in a survival kit?

Checking Emergency Gear

Your survival kit should contain a range of different essential items that will help you in a variety of emergency situations.

Contrary to popular belief, preppers don’t just plan ahead for one type of emergency but have an all-round preparation plan in place.

The main essentials you will need to store in your emergency kit are:

  • a multi-tool, which will contain items such as scissors and compasses;
  • pliers;
  • pocket knife;
  • flashlight and batteries;
  • emergency candles that can be used as a backup light source;
  • bottled water;
  • water purification tablets;
  • water filter, as it’s recommended that you always have two ways to purify water!
  • duct tape;
  • cordage;
  • 200 feet of paracord;
  • tarp;
  • fishing line;
  • fire-starting kit;
  • matches;
  • magnifying glass;
  • pot or pan;
  • mugs;
  • thermal blanket;
  • emergency poncho;
  • rain jacket;
  • first-aid kit, which should contain safety pins, bandages, Band-Aids, gauze, aspirin, antihistamines, other medications you use daily, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, and scissors;
  • flares;
  • whistle

Where should you keep your emergency kit?

Showing Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit isn’t something that you’ll need daily, so it’s important to ensure that you store it somewhere safe but easily accessible so that other members of your household can gain access to it if they require it.

Make sure that all members know where the emergency kit is and what’s inside it.

In the home, your emergency kit should be stored in a place where it’s dry and the temperature remains constant.

Keep it out of the sun, especially because it contains medication, and preferably in a cupboard.

In the event of you needing to evacuate your home, you want your emergency kit to be in an area of the house that is along the evacuation route you would use.

So, for example, you could store your emergency kit next to the front door of your house or in the garage or shed.

It’s a good idea to have duplicate emergency kits that you can keep at work and in your car.

Regularly check your emergency kit to ensure that all the items in it are still fresh.

Check expiration dates, such as on medications, and replenish any items that have expired or that you’ve used to ensure that your kit isn’t missing anything.

You should inspect your emergency supplies at least once a month so that you can be sure that pests and mold are not corrupting it. This is especially the case when it comes to your food storage.

What should I stockpile for an emergency?

Food For Preppers

The most important items to stockpile for an emergency are food and water. It’s said that every person should have enough food for at least three days, but you can accumulate more.

The key is to stockpile non-perishables that will last for many years so you don’t have to worry about them turning rancid in your pantry.

Some great survival food choices are rice, dried beans, pasta, pemmican, and powdered milk. It’s also a good idea to purchase freeze-dried emergency food that only requires water to be eaten.

Bottled water should also be stockpiled. Make sure you have enough for the members of your household – you should stock up on one gallon per member per day in order to have enough.

Food and water aside, you should stockpile on the following important items:

  • Batteries – these can power up lots of items, such as flashlights and emergency lamps.
  • Fuel – which will be essential for your generator.
  • Matches, lighters, and candles – these are great to have in case there’s no power.
  • Cleaning supplies – these can include hand sanitizers, soap, and peroxide.
  • Hygiene items – these can include toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo.


When you’re in a survival situation, you need to have important items at hand.

There are many you should prep ahead of time, such as food, water, and essential medical supplies.

Luckily, there are many survival kits you can purchase on the market that will cater to your every need in an emergency.

In this article, we’ve looked at five of the best survival kits and what makes them worth buying.

We’ve also included some important survival kit questions and answers so you can ensure you’re prepared for any situation that life throws at you.