Best Survival Emergency Radio For 2022

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You just set up a camping site on the snowy mountains.

The climate seems fair, and you are getting the fire started so that you can begin cooking supper for you and your mates. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, snow at the pinnacle of the mountain starts flowing towards you and your camp.

Thinking fast, you take shelter inside your sturdy tent, which keeps you safe until the avalanche settles. Now, the only issue is that you are trapped under a snow layer, and you need help Asap.

And this is where the best survival radio will come in. With one, you can sound a distress alarm to alert the authorities and get rescued before the frost gets to you.

If you lack one, you will just have to hope and pray that someone will find you soon before you freeze to death. With one, you might also have been notified about the avalanche before it happened so that you evacuate on time.

Do you see why having one can be very helpful? Below are just some of the traits a prepper radio should have to ensure your safety in the wilderness.

Qualities of Prepper Radio

Different power sources

manually powered radio

The best survival radios have multiple power sources to work. Indeed using a charged battery might be useful, but it only gives you a short window of usage.

Sure, you may have a power bank, but unless that power bank is sunbeam replenished, it will also run out of charge sooner or later. And here is why having the best survival radio with multiple power sources may help.

Get one powered by the sun’s energy, a manual arm lever, USB re-charging, and external batteries. Since the sun is always available, you at least have something to refill it. Even on the coldest days, the sun’s rays might still be able to replenish it a little bit.

Get a multi-purpose one

Get the best emergency radio on the market that is multi-purpose in terms of the frequencies it can connect to.

Pick the ones with transmitting abilities to AM, FM, shortwave, and the ones that also broadcast NOAA stations. These avenues could be a dependable source of information that you could very well use to survive in the jungle.

A reasonable size

The best crank radios or any other sort of life-saving radios need to be a portable size that is not hard to port around as you explore nature. These traits are most times overlooked, and it is imperative.

Getting one that is small enough to fit inside your pocket is very important. You do not need a survival radio that is massive, taking up space that could have been used for something else important.

With that brief information of extraordinary crisis radios’ traits, below are the five best emergency radios in the market.

Best Overall: Kaito KA500

Kaito KA500 Review

The Kaito is a giant in the industry as the best survival radio since it has a lot to proffer for a typical prepper. Below is why it is as beloved as the best weather radio.

Radio details

This gadget weighs 1.4 pounds and comes in five different colors- red, blue, green, yellow, and black. This device can broadcast AM, FM, 2-band shortwave, and seven NOAA meteorology channels.

This device has six power founts— an inherent NiMH refillable battery, a manual hand lever, USB recharging port, an AC/DC adapter, solar, and three A.A. batteries.

 It has L.E.D. torch with a crimson L.E.D. S.O.S radar to illuminate. Lastly, what makes this radio the best fitting prepper radio is its PEAS system, also known as the Public Emergency Alert System, which would come in hand during disastrous situations.


  • The exterior material of the KA500 is solid and shatter-resistant.
  • It is a waterproof unit that will allow you to use it regardless of the climate.
  • The KA500 device is compressed and lightweight, making it effortless to carry around.
  • The controls are fundamental.
  • The alternatives to run this device are commendable.
  • The innate battery can be used to re-power your phone during emergencies.


  • The solar panel of the unit takes very long to charge the batteries fully.
  • The unit does not include any digital dial to get the stations; you have to use the analog dial to get what you want.
  • The manual hand lever has been notably called flimsy and could break if not well handles.

Buying advice

Either color of this Kaito device goes for approximately $50. For this asking price and the achievements, this minuscule machine proffers seem like a reasonable purchase.

It will be a spectacular accessory to have during your trip as it will get the job done the best way possible. So much so, the best prepper radio yet.

Runner Up: Puiuisoul MD-090P

Puiuisoul MD-090P Review

This machine is minute, tightly-packed, and functions as the second-best emergency radios since it has faucets that make it exceptional. The following is what using this appliance delivers.

Product details

As the best emergency radios runner-up, the Puiuisoul MD-09OP is the trademark’s newest version with a 4000maH battery. This storage can be recharged using solar energy, manual arm cranking, or connection using a USB cable. The unit measures only 15.8 ounces, and it comprises of a motion-sensitive studying torch.

The torch has three brightness modes, and the appliance has an energy-level indicator. It has the aptness to tether to AM, FM, and NOAA metrological broadcasting channels. This model also includes a plight distress signal that sounds out a siren and activates the scrape flashing lights.


  • These radios out shell are water-proof, meaning it can function even when the disaster entails water flooding, showers, and hurricanes.
  • The S.O.S distress signaling system ensures the users get the help they require fast.
  • The sun energy power re-charging fashion is advantageous in events where there is a power outage for a long time.
  • Once you buy this best solar radio, the manufacturer proffers you a year’s worth of replacement.


  • Recharging this survival radio using the manual arm crank or solar takes a lengthy time to fully charge the power storage.
  • The manual arm crank is noisy and distracting while in rotation.

Buying advice

The Puiuisoul MD-090P retails for $40, but the black version costs an extra dollar. It is a light, compact body making it the selling point of this model, and its versatility makes it a must-have.

Alternative: Rocam Survival Emergency Radio

Rocam Survival Emergency Radio Review

This green-colored modern emergency radio is a great companion that proffers you the best service while you have it. It’s affordable, and what it has as admirable traits offer top-notch service.

Product details

The Rocam radio is a five-way powered device. It first uses an ingrained replenishable 2000mA cell-powered using a hand lever, solar energy, USB charging, or the traditional AC/DC charger. There is also an external compartment that houses three A.A.A. cells. You can use it to power and keep on all your other mobile devices.

This survival emergency radio has an S.O.S distress signal sending incorporated, tethers to AM, FM, S.W., and several NOAA broadcasting channels that come programmed on the device. This plight radio weighs only 1.18 pounds and only has analog dial controls.


  • The Rocam radio is waterproof, making it a diverse gadget to use in multiple catastrophes.
  • The package consists of a portability strap that enables the owner to maneuver it around effortlessly.
  • This device can be used for necessary activities like studying or illuminating a path and be a great way to get info about a current disaster as it unfolds. The distress system is beneficial too.
  • It is straightforward to use even on the first go.


  • The tiny proportions of the Rocam device results in the frequency scale appearing minute and compact. And as a result, getting a particular frequency can be a hustle.

Buying advice

The Rocam emergency is an excellent alternative to the best emergency radio since it affordable and still possesses exceptional survival emergency radio need. On Amazon, you will get this machine for only $36 a piece.

ALTERNATIVE: RunningSnail Emergency Survival Radio

RunningSnail Emergency Survival Radio Review

As an alternate best survival radio, the RunningStore manufactured a recent model in 2019 with its fantastic features discussed below.

Product details

This RunningSnail emergency survival radio comes in four colors, red, yellow, orange, and green, weighing one point one pound. This machine has a four-way charging ability using the sun’s energy, electricity, or cumulated energy in three A.A.A. batteries. It can transmit AM, FM, and NOAA frequencies.

 Additionally, you can still play music using the Running Snail survival radio as entertainment through the AUX cable. It also has an L.E.D. torch and an LCD monitor to show you the channel’s frequency number and the device’s energy reserve amount. Lastly, there is an S.O.S alerting capability.


  • Since you can replenish your mobile phone’s energy, play music and still use it to transmit weather channels, this gadget proves to be the best crank radio with various uses.
  • The aesthetics of this gadget is unique and a breath of fresh air.
  • The vibrant L.E.D. torch is exceptional to assist you in getting noticed when confined.


  • The exterior matter making this instrument is fragile and can break when the device is dropped on a hard surface.

Buying advice

The RunningSnail survival emergency radio retails for $53, but that price is unique to the orange unit. The red and the green units cost $55, and the green costs less at $36, and that’s why it is the best hand crank radio.

ALTERNATIVE: POVO Distress Survival Radio

POVO Distress Survival Radio Review

The POVO distress survival radio is a retro-fashioned pocket-friendly survival distress device with a distinguishable track record of having great reviews from past clients. Below is what you need to know about this radio:

Product details

As an alternate best crank radio, the POVO is a black gadget that only weighs 10 ounces. It comes with an inherent self-powered generator, a torch, a distress signaling system, commendable radio transmission to AM, FM, and seven NOAA broadcasting stations. Additionally, there is a music player compatible with an external card or an auxiliary cord.

The 2200maH reserve can also carry out the role of a charging power bank for other mobile devices. Furthermore, it has four-way power founts. It can be replenished through the solar panel, the USB port, removable batteries, and the sturdy manual hand crank.


  • Once you buy a device, you enjoy a lifelong duration guarantee.
  • This unit is multi-purpose; it can be utilized for studying, lighting the way, sounding a distress signal.
  • It is portable.


  • You cannot operate this instrument as its reserves are re-charging.

Buying advice

Compared to all the best emergency radios discussed in this article, this specific pick is the most affordable; so far, it has many positive reviews on Amazon. It only costs $30, and it contains all features of all other devices on this list possess.

This is a must-buy for outdoor adventure lovers that will not dent your finances and still deliver service. With this piece, POVO has proven itself worthy.

Emergency Radio F.A.Q.

This section consists of the most collective queries raised by people interested in buying or using the best emergency radio for survival in any situation.

What Kind of Radio Do I Need In An Emergency?

charging phone with radio

The type or variety of radio to select will bank on the likely predicament you might face in your adventure or where you live. Sure, you might not cover all the bases on the potential mishaps that lark, but at least gauge the prevalent ones.

For instance, in the situation described at the beginning of this text regarding an avalanche, one should ideally purchase a damp proof radio, one with multiple power founts, and has a vibrant and vivid L.E.D. torch since snowy mountains can get foggy. Getting one with a blaring distress signal might not be the wisest move as the noise might set off yet another avalanche.

The second thing that should guide you into the best prepper radio is the functioning properties it has. Regardless of the scenario, weather radio with different traits like music playing competence could very well be entertaining. And who does not like listening to some music as they camp? It’s practically killing two birds with one stone, staying entertained, and getting updated on the latest weather news in one package.

A survival distress radio is just a typical radio if it lacks an S.O.S alarm system. And this should be one point of reference while you select one that fits your needs. As seen above, all five best survival radios have S.O.S systems incorporated.

These structures are the heart of these instruments and come nifty when one is in peril. The L.E.D. torch could succor you find your way, the L.E.D. crimson light could signal others searching for you, and the sirens could also help notify the other parties you are in danger. However, the sounding kinds must be used only in certain situations, such as an animal attack and not an avalanche.

You also require the best survival radio that is effortless to operate. Extremities usually catch us off guard, and possessing a radio with complicated controls could throw you off balance. If the S.O.S control is tricky to activate, you are better off with an elementary gadget.

When in danger, most people panic, and rational thinking goes out the window, so much so, always look for a simple device for the best usage.

Lastly, get a device that is affordable for you. Each has a price tag, and that price may be dependant on the brand. Some cost a few dollars while some exceed hundreds. Therefore, select one that suits you best and do not forget to check the reviews.

What Radio Station Do I Listen To In An Emergency?

man listening emergency radio

The broadcasting channels you will listen to during a plight will pivot on the predicament you face at that particular time. Examples of those scenarios are as follows:

Civil scrapes

These include events like wars, civil rioting, and clashes. In these cases, one should tune in to the regional radio frequencies that stream all the local and relevant bulleting regarding the events. These channels are instrumental as they give direct instructions to the afflicted people on what to do and what not to.

Human-made disasters

These involve chemical spills, nuclear leakages, terrorist strafes, and others. These are basically conditions or scenarios caused by human ignorance and negligence.

If you happen to be in the middle of any of the above, you should tune in to the localized news stations to find out more about the situation. International news with headquarters and reporters on the ground could also be helpful since they are reporting worldwide.

Natural calamities

These include cyclones, storms, flooding, volcano eruptions, and heatwaves, among others. For these conditions, you should first tune in to the weather stations to get info on what is happening and if the problem is in-check, and the calamity’s severity.

It would be best to tune in to the local and international news frequencies to catch all the info being passed on. You should do this back and forth and stay updated throughout the catastrophe. This is how organized evacuations are systematized at such times.

Accidents during trips

If by chance a disaster only affects you while you are on a trip, let’s say a skiing trip, if you have a radio at hand, you should listen to the weather news to find out if the situation is over or it has just started.

Depending on your accident, the weather channels might help you gauge what to do next. For example, if a heatwave is expected in an area and you happen to be camping in a forest in that same region, you get to evacuate faster. Or take shelter in the next home in the area.

One of the best emergency radio in the market discussed in this piece would significantly help each of the above scenarios. But before you turn on the radio, it is elementary that you first get to safety, then turn on the radio to find out more. Also, use the radio in situations that would not endanger your life more. It is meant to save you, not to get killed.

Can Emergency Radios Tune into NOAA?

noaa station on radio

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, short for NOAA, can help establish and access information on a weather-based disaster. And yes, emergency radios can tune into NOAA stations, and they should. Any radio that does not adjust to NOAA is not an emergency radio.

NOAA stations pass on real-time data that relate to the weather. Finding a channel will depend on your region. NOAA has more than 750 transmitters all over North America and can be accessed on the best survival radios.

The news covers the weather on land and even at sea, and so it is also instrumental for helping people evacuate in case of larking danger coming from the sea. Changes in temperature and pressure broadcasted in real-time can help people get informed early enough to save their lives.


Settling on the best emergency radio is a rather important activity that could very well and can be the thing that will save your life one day.

Emphasizing the maxim, it is better safe than sorry; an emergency radio is, for sure, a must-have for every household.

No one wishes to be in the middle of a disaster; they just occur. And it is head and shoulders above if you are prepared. Therefore, opt for one of the five and get it. They are all worth it.