Best Survival Blanket Reviewed in 2022

survival blanket in wood

If you have noticed in the sports sector, when the athletes finish their race, they are given something to wrap around their bodies.

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The commodity they use is a space blanket, and it helps them adjust their body temperatures that have lowered once they finish running.

You can use your space covering as a cover to add warmth, a sleeping bag, or even as a signal mirror. But, how to choose the best survival blanket is what worries many people.

Here, you will get to know the best survival blanket reviewed in 2021. Therefore, read through this guide for more information.

Best Overall: Thermal Mylar Foil Space Blanket

Thermal Mylar Foil Space Blanket Review

This extra-large World’s toughest best mylar emergency blanket is ideal for first aid kits, hiking, bug out, to mention but a few. Without any doubt, this is the best emergency thermal blanket you can get in the market.

Featured specs

If you need a covering to use for your outdoor projects, such as jogging, this product has got you sorted. That is because it is water-resistant, and also it reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat to evade hypothermia for nearly all weather changes.

These commodities weigh9.5 oz per blanket, making them light to move around while you are in the field. They are also adamant and do not give you stress when it comes to storage since you can take as many as possible for your entire team in the zipper pack.

The extra-large size helps in offering a full-body shield. You can also turn it into an emergency sleeping bag, emergency shelter, among other survival gears. 


  • The merchandise is light to move within any place of your choice.
  • They are made from high-quality materials.
  • It can cover up to four people during harsh conditions.
  • You can use it as a ground cover while in the field.
  • It is extraordinarily enduring and safe.


  • Its army green color is camouflaging, making it not suitable if you want something noticeable.
  • It cannot resist fire.

Extra features

These emergency survival blankets offer full protection for up to four adults. You can rely on it since it is always there when you need it.

The army green products are fabricated from quality elements to ensure they serve you in the best way possible while you are in the cold climate.

Buying advice

For only $19.95, you can get an Army Green best emergency blanket and get yourself sorted. You are assured of full customer satisfaction, so there is nothing to limit you from getting yours today. You can even use this best emergency space blanket as a men’s father’s day present and boost your family bond.

Runner Up: Thermal Sleeping Bag Bivy

Thermal Sleeping Bag Bivy Review

The Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bag is very light, with just 0.35 pounds. You can use it as a survival sleeping bag or mylar emergency bedspread, among other uses.

Featured specs

The product is available in orange color and consists of an extra thick puncture-resistant material. That means that if you are forced to spend a night in the field. It can protect you from harsh, unforgiving environments.

While you are in the field, there are very many unavoidable things that can happen. When you purchase this thermal Bivvy covering, you can use the 120-decibel survival whistle, and the bright orange color will help you to alert anyone who might be available to rescue you.

These commodities arrive packaged in a waterproof sack to help you store it in any place with ease. It also has a built-functional stuff sack that allows you to stack the deck in your favor.


  • The product is easy to carry.
  • It is a multi-functional item.
  • It can withstand harsh weather.
  • The Bivvy sack is made from quality materials.
  • The product is reusable.


  • It does not last long, according to some users.

Extra features

The Go time gear thermal Bivvy is very sturdy and light. It is made from extra-thick 26um polyethylene material.

Thermal Bivvy reflective interior aids in reflecting your body heat up to 90%. Your body stays warm while you are on your outdoor adventures with this fantastic product.

Buying advice

The Bivvy emergency sleeping bag withstands howling wind, harsh weather, and rain. That enables you to do your outdoor events in all seasons with no worry. It is very affordable, at only $19.95 per piece. The product is the best mylar survival blanket suitable for bug out bag supplies, winter survival kit, and emergency kit.

Alternative: Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket Review

The Bearhead heavy-duty emergency blanket is made from ultra PE lamination, aluminized mylar, and a piece of non-woven fabric.  Most of the time, it is used as a weather-resistant barrier between you and the harsh weather, and in return, it retains your body temperature to prevent shock.

Featured specs

The 5 x 7 feet Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency blankets available in green color must acquire commodities. It is designed to operate as a thermal covering ground cover and emergency shelter.

These confidence boosters are made from reinforced and durable material to help you cope with severe conditions such as floods, wildfire, and hurricanes, among other states.

It is very versatile since it is featured with four reinforced grommets as well as four iron stakes.

In case you haven’t tried this product, you are missing a lot for sure. Ensure you get this super-compact bedspread and be ready for your outdoor activities like running or camping. It does not take a lot of space whether you are storing it in your car or backpack.


  • There is a guaranteed lifetime warranty.
  • You can use this item for many activities.
  • It is made from sturdy material.
  • The commodity is easy to store.
  • It has excellent heat retention.


  • Some people say that all four corners get ripped when exposed to light wind.

Extra features

The reflective aluminum lamination, non-woven fabric, and an ultra PE lamination ensure that your body can retain a temperature of up to 93%. The excellent specifications also help to withstand wind, tear, and water.

With a Bearhard heavy-duty emergency blanket, you can go hiking, climbing, fishing, hunting, and boating with a lot of confidence. The featured reinforcement on all sides makes the commodity strong when it comes to harsh environment encounters.

Buying advice

Invest in Bearhard Heavy Duty Emergency blanket for $21.97 and be ahead of everyone else. The survival blanket tarp comes with a lifetime warranty and returns policy. Besides, if you get this product from Amazon, you get good customer service at any particular time. Use this excellent product as a sleeping bag or even as an improvised survival shelter.

The product helps you get ready for the unexpected severe conditions while you are out hiking or doing your other everyday activities.

If you are looking for a blanket with patent-pending with paracord drawstring utility rope, then the Bivvy sack is here for you. It also arrives with a 120-decibel emergency whistle.

Best Wool Survival Blanket: Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket Review

Arcturus military wool blanket, as the name suggests, is made of 80% wool, and it weighs 4.5 pounds. If you have been looking for a wool survival blanket, the Arcturus military wool bedspread is what you are missing.

Featured specs

The Arcturus military wool covering is triple washed when produced by the dealers to make them softer, hygienic, and create less shading.

It is loom-woven and hemmed on both sides with contrast lock stitching. The wool is a naturally fire-retardant material, and they are never treated with any extra flame-retardant chemicals. That makes it safe for both you and your family.

There is minimal shedding when this item is used since it is made of 20% synthetic fiber. The material also makes it washable and increases its durability. After several times of washing, the blanket becomes softer and softer.


  • It comes with excellent value and quality.
  • The item is comfy and produces enough warmth.
  • It is sturdy.
  • The product offers comfort.
  • It has a wide range of uses.


  • Some users say that the blanket has a chemical smell which can be harmful to an allergic person exposed to fumes.
  • It sheds off after washing.

Extra features

The Arcturus wool covering comes in the right size for everyone to carry around without even getting tired. The extra-large blanket can fit even three people at a go.

Generally, wool can make you stay warm, whether it is wet or dry. This Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is easy to carry with you, be it when hunting, ice fishing, or even ski trips.

Don’t fail to keep yourself warm both at home and outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and ice fishing, to mention but a few. You can put some blankets in your car in case the need arises.

Buying advice

Arcturus military wool blanket is the best wool blanket survival that is worth buying.  It is the best-rated survival blanket, and you can purchase it for $40.00. There is a wide range of colors, such as military gray, navy blue, and olive green color to choose from when buying.

The Arcturus military wool blanket can last for a long time. Once you purchase the product, you need to clean and maintain it to ensure it serves you for the longest time possible.

Best Mylar Survival Blanket: Poncho Hybrid Emergency Blankets

Poncho Hybrid Emergency Blankets Review

The Poncho hybrid resists tears, and they help retain your body heat, keeping you safe and warm at the same time. It comes in green or orange color, giving you a chance to select your suitable color from the mentioned ones.

Featured specs

The Poncho Hybrid Survival is made from military-grade and durable materials to allow your hands to hold other vital stuff.

The covering comes with a reflective side to increase visibility if you get lost while in the woods. It is easily notable, and you can get help when an emergency occurs.

Poncho Hybrid Survival is the real deal in withstanding water and wind. As well, it is the best rated survival blanket. In case your previous one was giving you sleepless nights because it could be swayed by the wind, consider buying this item. After purchasing this product, you should start counting all your problems as solved.


  • It keeps your hands free to hold other things.
  • It offers enough space for a backpack.
  • The sheet is resistant to harsh weather.
  • It is long-lasting and light.
  • The item is ideal for survival and hiking gear.


  • Tree branches and brush can tear its thin material.

Extra features

The product is extensive and comfy to fit everyone. It is designed in such a way that you even carry your backpack underneath it.

As always, there is something for everyone in Amazon. If you wish a thin blanket poncho hybrid for your first aid kit, this item has got you covered. You can also use it as camping equipment or as a solar sheet for your rain gear.

You can reuse this emergency survival blanket as many times as you can. Another fantastic thing about this item is that you can also recycle it and help preserve the environment.

Buying advice

The quality of Emergency Blankets & Rain Poncho Hybrid Survival Gear and Equipment makes it the best wool mylar survival blanket in the market. You can order from Amazon at $9.70 and stay ahead of everyone else.

Always stay happy and satisfied with this product no matter what you face in life. Its versatile structure makes it suitable for your earthquake kit, bug out bag, hiking gear, to mention but a few.

Survival Blanket FAQs

How does a survival blanket work?

pros of survival blanket

A survival bedding can retain up to 90% of the heat lost by other types of coverings. In doing so, they keep the heat in the blanket in and the cold out. They can also limit the heat from outside the blanket from invading and causing overheating.

The above explanation is an oversimplification of the process that keeps the blanket warm in emergencies. But what is the actual science behind the blankets? Blanket makers have deposited vaporized aluminum on a thin plastic film.

The element created by the layers of plastic and aluminum is very flexible, thin, and has high thermal reflectivity. The plastic used is called polypropylene, and the use of aluminum makes it waterproof while the reflective surface is silvery to reflect away energy.  The product reflects a spectrum of heat energy, including infrared heat.

Depending on the blanket’s technology, it can reflect heat to the body by a principle referred to as a passive warming system. Space blankets don’t create heat but ensure all the body’s heat is not lost, causing cold.

The product prevents heat loss by convection current and not conduction. When you are using the blanket, one should take care not to lean on cold objects as it will undo the blanket’s entire purpose.

The blanket is made of bright colors like orange. That is because you can easily be spotted in case of an emergency. Emergency blankets are compact and can fit in a glove compartment, first aid kit, or a bug out bag.

What are survival blankets made from?

man sitting on survival blanket

When we watch athletics races, we are baffled at how thin the marathons’ space blanket is. You can be grateful for those who have used the blankets at how the blanket can keep you warm despite the perishing heat conditions. Well, it all boils down to the material used in making the heat sheet.

Mylar blankets have been made from various materials from the onset when Dupont first created them in collaboration with NASA to use shields from cold in their spaceships in 1973. They became standard for making clothing in space suits with astronauts like Neil Armstrong using them on their mission to the moon.

While the astronauts used plastic coated with gold to reflect the shield bodies from heat loss, the mylar has remained relatively similar except using a cheaper gold substitute – aluminum.

There are many plastic types, but which plastic is used to make the best survival blankets reviewed in 2021?  First, to begin with, the blanket is made of two layers, just made of a heat sheet. The second layer is made of polypropylene deposited with aluminum to create a reflective side.

The aluminum acts as reflective material to reflect the heat into the body. In contrast, the plastic acts as an insulator to reduce the conduction of energy from the body. If you are looking for the best space blanket, then you know it has the best material to keep you warm in the coldest weather.

Some products are similar when it comes to features and uses. Some dealers are not genuine since they state the product descriptions, but you can be shocked by what you find when buying the item.

Why do police give victims blankets?

Police always come to a crime scene to help victims who have been devastated by several problems. People call the police in case of a security problem, fire, or even floods.

The police conjure a feeling of heroism, character, and warmth, but one thing is standard for the police to do to give the victims an emergency blanket and at times help to wrap it around the victim.

Wherever you come from, it is difficult to ignore this gesture of friendship and love displayed by the police. It helps the victims feel free and warm again. It helps them understand that there are people who care for their situation.

You could also try this psychological trick to get yourself ahead with a new friend or someone who has been through a rough time. Of course, that is a joke, but you’ll be sure it will charm anyone as the police charm all who have been metaphorically exposed by the emotional, psychological, and physical hardship.

Police go through rigorous training to better handle human beings whom they interact with on the job. When they meet children, the elderly, the sick, suicide victims can address each of the cases with the least harm, they need friendship and benevolence. While children can have stuffed animals in the police car after witnessing a violent crime, almost everyone needs a blanket after a severe incident.

Police are always ready for all types of emergencies. In most cases, the police are the first aid responders in critical issues. Most people coming from an adrenaline surge or circulatory elevation can go into a medical shock after witnessing a stressful event. The above wear-off effects cause that.

It is common for victims in a crime to suffer from any of the above issues as they could have been running on an adrenal rush to save their lives. Therefore, it is just a standard that police dish out blankets to victims to protect them from the victims in case they have been exposed to any of the above conditions lest they suffer from hypothermia.

As it has been seen from runners in races stopping running after a long time leads to a low-grade imitation shock. The use of space blankets assists in combating shock. A surprise is caused by the body restricting blood flow to vital organs to concentrate on getting energy to run.

Police use the trauma blanket to help conceal blood in case a victim has been injured seriously. I mean, who wants to see blood dripping off another human. The trauma blanket protects the sanity of those around the crime scene and victims who are not used to bad days like the police.

Are Mylar blankets reusable?

storage for mylar blanket

Did you know that mylar is a trading name for biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate? If yes, you can give yourself a tap on your back.

It is a thin sheet of plastic with a film of aluminum or any other metal on it in a nutshell. That metal film explains why the mylar is shiny. As opposed to what most manufacturers say, mylar does not reflect up to 80% of your body heat, but rather, the blankets reflect radiant heat.

The radiant heat is reflected only when you use the mylar blanket to cover your head because most radiant heat will be lost. Meaning that they are not comfy as the dealers say since you will not be covered the whole body.

The mylar blanket has a reflective coating that comes out easily. However, that does not mean that these blankets are useless. These disposable blankets are ideal for emergency times.

Cheap mylar blankets are not reusable, but if you wish for a more lasting blanket, you can opt to invest in a more thick mylar blanket.

How long do survival blankets last?

blanket attached to backpack

Based on the space blanket’s legendary beginning, it makes sense for us to expect the coverings to last forever. If the material could hold away space cold from freezing our first astronauts on the moon, it should last an eternity, right? Well, some things in life do not have the luxury of having simple answers.

First, the use of the mylar blanket had drastically changed from the time the blankets were first used when they were meant for use in space missions that would take long and no potential of resupplying in space. Nowadays, manufacturers have primarily designed space blankets to be disposable.

That said, it is not to say that the blankets would not hold beyond a single-use. Most blankets are used by clients repeatedly with varying amounts of time before the blankets give in to wear, have holes, or start losing the aluminum coating. Cheaper blankets tend to last less than five days.

New, unopened emergency blankets have a shelf life of a year or two. The shelf life is shortened by factors like moisture, oxidation, and exposure to ultraviolet light. When such factors set in, the blankets start fading and deteriorating due to the metal delaminating from the mylar sheet.

Final Word

As you have seen above, an emergence blanket is a must-have item, be it in your indoor or outdoor adventures. There are a wide variety of survival blankets available in the market.

Just like finding the best survival blanket is cumbersome— getting a reliable dealer is no different. You can use this guide to help you know about the best survival blanket reviewed 2021.

Ensure you do a thorough search about the product and the trader you wish to sell and deliver the item for you. Once everything is done and has your commodity, you can now use the product to see if it meets your expectations.