5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering

Water is essential for our life. So, one of the things you can’t survive any disaster without is a portable water filter.

Most of us preparing for survival would take a personal water filter with us first. When the infrastructure collapses, the production of bottled water also stops. We have only natural sources of water that are heavily polluted. That is why we need a quality water filter. These water filters can effectively reduce up to 99.99 percent of harmful substances.

Personal water filter is useful for hiking, camping, and other trips, not just for emergencies (tornadoes, rain storms, earthquakes, floods, etc.)

If you are interested in buying a personal water filter, You must pay attention to several factors such as the degree of efficiency of water filtration, the capacity of the vessel, the lifetime of the entire device, the speed of water flow, the total amount of water for filtration, and the possibility of application in multiple situations.

Where To Find Water In The Wild?

Any survivalist will tell you always to filter water that flows. Firstly, you should look for streams if possible. Rainwater is another good source of water, as well as lakes, ponds, and rivers. You can check out our post on finding water in the wild for more help in that area!

What If The Portable Water Filter Breaks?

You can use tablets or drops such as iodine, chlorine, or potassium in small doses. They are effective in removing harmful substances from your drinking water. Boiling water is also one of the good methods of water purification. Most microorganisms and bacteria cannot survive during the heating process. Explore how to make your own water filter HERE

Here below are my 5 recommendations to start with on getting yourself a reliable portable water filter:

1) Membrane Solutions Gravity Water Filter Pro 6L

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering 1
Membrane Solutions



The biggest advantage of this portable water filter is the extra-large capacity. Its capacity is 6 liters. It is the best solution when you are in a group. This personal water filter can provide you with enough purified water anytime and anywhere.

Also, it has four stages of filtration and consists of an ultrafiltration membrane consisting of 0.1-micron hollow fibers, a GAC ​​coconut shell filter, and a double PP fiber filter. Removes at least 99.99% of bacteria, microplastics, odors, iodine, chlorine, and heavy metals. Also, its total water filtering capacity is up to 5,000 liters of water outdoor.

Features a detachable mouthpiece that connects to a regular backwash bottle. So there is no need for an extra syringe. The package itself consists of small and light parts. It is very easy to unfold and fold into a storage bag.


Easy to Hang on Trees. Adjustable tree strap fits most trunks. No worry about losing, thanks for the one-piece design. Besides, our water filtration system camping meets with FDA, is food-grade, and is BPA-free. EPA Est No. 97260-CHN-1

You don’t have to worry about losing it because this personal water filter is designed in one compact part. In addition, this water purification filter is FDA compliant


It does not filter out some city water flavors.

If there is any kind of sediment in the water it will clog up

Some customers had a problem with the o-ring that seals the filter

However, a few customers have said that their uses might be limited to just heavy-duty cutting, and it is very big to be a good slicer for the smaller branches.


You can use it in various hiking, camping, and emergency. The item is durable and endures all weather conditions making it ideal for all situations.

2) Waterdrop Gravity Water Filter Straw

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering 2



This personal portable water filter is lightweight. It can be attached directly to one side of the backpack without any burden. It weighs only 250g.

The water bag is large capacity and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water at a time. That’s about 11 bottles of 500ml bottled purified water, which is enough for a whole day’s water needs.

In its lifetime, it can purify up to 100,000 gallons of water.

Easy to use. Lightweight. No replacement parts are required.

Easy to fill and hang.

1.5-gallon capacity.


The water-cleaning filter tube can be recycled. With the innovative backwash purification function, the interior can be kept clean at all times.

This kind of water filtration filter is applicable in all emergencies (tornadoes, rain storms, earthquakes, floods, etc.)

It takes 11 to 12 minutes to fill a 1.5-gallon gravity filter


Some found it difficult to attach it to water bottles or water bladders

As this personal water filter only uses gravity, the flow through the filter is slow, just a trickle. So it takes a while to fill a 2L water bladder.


Price is attractive. This is a selling point for someone who only backpacks a couple of times a year

3) SimPure Gravity Water Filter

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering 3



It is a long last product and it has a fast water flow. This personal portable water filter can serve a family of four up to 3.5 years. The water flow rate is 27 liters per hour.

It is easy to use. Just hang it on a tree with a tree strap, hands-free filtering, and get filtered water effortlessly (no pumping, no squeezing, no waiting) within minutes.

Most users point out that personal water filter works three times harder than other brands.

Users have said that it has the best price, function, weight and lifespan ratio compared to other filters.


The gravity water filter weighs only 290 g and can be completely rolled up to save space in your backpack.

You can drop the water purification system directly into the water. You can consume it immediately or add a 29.5-inch extension tube that will allow you to consume water from a greater distance.

It is recommended to store the filter in a dry bag. Be sure to throw out all the water from the filter if you are staying at a temperature that is below zero. Water can freeze and damage the device


The pouch is relatively small


Probably the most compatible personal water filter that you can easily use in emergency situations, camping, hunting, and boating.

4) CaredWater Electric Portable Water Filter

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering 4



Automatically filters water. It has an emergency charger.

By simply pressing the on/off button, you get filtered water within 1s.

One battery can filter up to 200 liters of water.

Its water filtering capacity is up to 100,000 liters

It is possible to fill 1 liter of water in less than 2 minutes

This personal water filter has a Manual Backup Option and the Post filter functions as a water filter that you can drink directly from the original water

The set comes with a carrying case that can be hung on your backpack


Easy to assemble

Fast flow – about a minute for a full glass of water

After filtering the water looks clean and tastes good, removing the bad taste of tap water

Even if the battery dies, you can still use the second stage (post-composite filter) for manual filtering. Furthermore, it can be screwed directly onto a standard plastic bottle

This personal water filter has a battery indicator light that lets you know how much charge is left

Like other high-quality filters, it has the ability to filter up to 700ml/min


The intestines are quite thin and weak. It is easy to make a sharp bend that will block the flow of water

The first stage (pre-filter) has holes that must be submerged in water for smooth flow. Otherwise, a lot of air will be sucked into the filter. This can be a problem if the water source is shallow.


The quality of the components is excellent, and the pump’s built-in battery charges quickly.

5) Survivor Filter Pro Water Purification System

5 Survival Portable Water Filters Worth Considering 5
Survivor Filter



The quality of the components is excellent, and the pump’s built-in battery charges quickly.

This personal portable water filter has been tested in multiple laboratories in the USA. Tests show removal – 99.999% of viruses, staph, parasites, and bacteria and reduction of heavy metals – 99.5% mercury and 93% lead – exceeding EPA standards for water filters.

20 times more efficient than other water purifiers with a 0.2-micron filter that removes heavy metals.

It takes approximately 2 minutes to fill a 1-liter water bottle.

The filter is very easy to install, clean, rinse and dispose of.

Very solid, high-quality construction


The exterior is made of ABS material, polysulfone medical ultrafilter, Food Grade Activated Carbon, and Handle Contains Steel Bar Inside for Extra Support. BPA Free

The rapid flow rate of 500 milliliters (17 ounces) per minute. Can be used directly from a fresh water source, pumped into the included cup, or pumped into any portable hydration vessel; It is perfect for filtering large amounts of water.

The spare carbon filter lasts 2000 liters.

It takes 10 to 12 minutes of pumping to get 1 liter of water.


Some people had low filtration and output, The plastic material may break out easily

A bit pricey


Much easier to use than others.


Buying a personal portable water filter requires a good analysis of your needs. Differences in price are small as well as in additional equipment. The main difference in the personal water purification filter is the capacity of the gravity water bag. But those small differences can make your everyday life easier or harder in the event of a disaster.

Therefore, read in detail the features of each listed water purification filter in order to make the right decision.

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