Always Be Fit – The 1st Thing You Need for Prepping

always be fit
always be fit
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Always stay fit. It is an easy thing to say. We live in a world that moves fast, thinks fast and acts fast. That’s just in the moments when we are not consumed by our work. Our lifestyle dictates our daily routine and shapes our habits. For some, living healthy is just a lifestyle, for some it is the only choice they have.

Being physically fit was once essential for survival. Run more quickly than the predator pursuing you. Carry water in gallons a mile from your house. Have the strength to construct your own home. Being physically fit was a byproduct of the lives that most people led.

Times have changed. The world has evolved. We spend our days in offices, shackled to chairs, and barely have time to walk home. Our bodies are evolving into things they weren’t intended to be. What should we do in response? Making a decision after making a choice is the first step.

The weakest and slowest people will be the first to fail when SHTF. however well-prepared they may be. The inability to complete tasks independently will be your downfall. Your heart giving out because you haven’t run for years and your body failing from illness are logical consequences, not remote possibilities. You nod in agreement and say, “Yeah, I want to avoid that.”

How to start becoming fit?

Baby steps. That is the key. Create the mental habit of practicing, and keep it in the back of your mind at all times. Start devoting some time to completing that thought. Start with 15 minutes of stretching and exercise, then extend it to 30 minutes by adding push-ups and sit-ups. Continue to extend your workout.

Being fit is not just exercising. Create a schedule. You have already started planning everything else, just apply those habits to exercises. Asses your needs, find your weaknesses and work on them. As your body begins to change, you change your routine as well. Ajust according to your needs. There are plenty of video tutorials to satisfy any exercise requirement.

Exercise alone does not make someone fit. Establish a schedule. Applying those habits to exercises is all you need to do since you’ve already begun planning everything else. Consider your needs, identify your weaknesses, and make improvements. You alter your routine as your body starts to change. Make adjustments based on your needs. You can find a video tutorial to fit any exercise requirement online.

Creating new habits

Your motivation to get better at what you do will increase as you become more aware of your capabilities. Your old habits will have been replaced by new ones, and your desire to stay fit will begin to transform you from the inside out. You’ll consider yourself to be a prepper, a machine built to endure any circumstances. Seize every opportunity you have throughout the day to become just that.

Just by doing the little things, you can turn everything into a game or a contest with yourself. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
You desire delivery? Get it on your own. Walk your city on foot. Develop your situational awareness. You desire to construct a cabin? You should cut those trees. Also, use an axe. Every day that goes by, your tools for putting your imagination into action get better.

Next steps

Being fit is more than just a physical endeavor. Additionally crucial is your mental health. Making wise decisions is crucial. Be calm and mindful while letting go of any stored stress. Anything that could harm you should be changed. Begin with your eating and sleeping patterns. Your body is supported by them. Find harmony in everything you do. Pay attention to your inner voice and follow it.

As I previously stated, it’s not an easy task, but by the time you read this article, you will have undergone a change, and a changed person is capable of anything.

Hal Lewis

Hal Lewis and his wife Nancy spend most of their time working on their homestead, from rain water collectors to solar panels and battery stations, they’re doing it all. While they’re not disconnected from the rest of the world, the two of them prepare for come-what-may. Hal has spent twenty years in and out of different jobs that have all helped with homesteading, and to save you time, he’s here to show you everything you need to know to get started. It’s a tough road ahead, but with tips, tricks, and buying advice for materials and prepping necessities, he’s got you covered.

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