Here’s My Story

Hal Lewis

I’m Hal Lewis, or “Homestead Hal” as my friends have come to call me.

My wife Nancy and I have spent that last twelve years on our homestead, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I’m a prepper, but I’m not disconnected from the rest of the world like people assume.

I have a nine-to-five, friends, watering holes that I hang out in and support.

I just also know what can happen (looking at you, 2020!) and want to be prepared for absolutely everything that comes my way.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve spent my time in so many jobs and careers that have all helped me with homesteading.

I installed solar panels around the country for eight months; I’ve been a roofer in the middle of July; I’ve done off-and-on carpentry work including renovations and new construction.

I’m a Jack-of-all-trades who’s dabbled in enough trades and skills that I feel confident in bringing you Prepping Insider—everything you need to know about prepping against the unknown.

While we can DIY a lot of things in the prepping and homesteading space, some things aren’t worth our time or the effort, and should just be purchased instead.

I’m here to help you make that distinction between what you should do and what you should take advantage of, and capitalize on that.

Let’s get you prepared.