Reliable Preppers’ Bike- 6 Items You’ll Need

6 items for the cautious preppers' bike
6 items for the cautious preppers' bike
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Maybe you have not been a bike lover so far, but the freedom of movement and absence of need for fuel sources makes a bike a perfect vehicle for preppers and a fitness tool for your exercises.

Being independent is crucial because mountain bike adventures frequently take you to locations where you are the only person and your bicycle. When driving is no longer possible and you need to bug out, mountain bikes can be a useful tool for preppers.

Make your bike into a prepper-mobile

Additionally, some training and plenty of trial and error are required for this. The weight and your capacity to ride with it must be taken into account. The bike’s load must be perfectly balanced. To carry more items from your bug-out bag, invest in panniers.

However, riding will undoubtedly take you to places where you must be ready to handle problems on your own. Riding gives you a lot of freedom for alternative movement. It is not complicated, and you will mostly rely on the few necessities for bikers.

1. Spare Tubes

TWhether you intend to use a conventional or electric bike for adults, they may be cumbersome to transport, but they really come in handy when a tire blows out. The same holds true for tubeless tires. What happens, for instance, if your tires are beyond repair and there is no indication that help might be on the way? You will undoubtedly be saved if you have the proper size inner tubes with you.

2. Patch Kit

The small size of these life-saving patch kit should make carrying them easy. They serve to make it possible to repurpose punctured tubes. They work wonders when it comes to patching a tire’s interior. A conventional one with a vulcanizing element or a pre-glued stick-on patch are both options. Both are trustworthy.

3. Portable Tire Pump

Once more, punctures will benefit from a portable tire pump. Because it is better suited for mountain bike rides, pick a high-volume option. Although high-volume pumps are the preferred option, high-pressure pumps are also an option.

4. Chain Lubricant

Take a small bottle of chain lube on your trip. Grease your chains before crossing a river or a downpour to prevent squeaking. It’s a practical item that will keep your mountain bike operating quietly and smoothly.

5. Portable First Aid Kit

And finally, a first-aid kit, for obvious reasons. When riding in remote areas, it is imperative to have a survival first aid kit with you. The good news is that both online and offline retailers sell first aid kits designed specifically for mountain bikers. They are tiny but incredibly useful.

If you fall and injure yourself, a first aid kit will cater to your needs.

6. Navigation

Bring your phone or, if your bike has one, a GPS tracker.

First-time mountain bike riders won’t have to worry about unforeseen emergencies thanks to this list. Make a plan in advance to avoid stress and maximize your enjoyment of the time you have. Get on your bike, wander aimlessly for a few days, and experience what it would be like if SHTF.

You’ll also discover how your physical state is doing and whether you need to do anything about it. It might offer a solution for the kind of prepping companion you need if you’re by yourself.

In any case, riding a bike is a multi beneficial activity that may, at some point, prove to be essential for your survival. There is no reason not to love it. So, put the pedal to the metal.

Hal Lewis

Hal Lewis and his wife Nancy spend most of their time working on their homestead, from rain water collectors to solar panels and battery stations, they’re doing it all. While they’re not disconnected from the rest of the world, the two of them prepare for come-what-may. Hal has spent twenty years in and out of different jobs that have all helped with homesteading, and to save you time, he’s here to show you everything you need to know to get started. It’s a tough road ahead, but with tips, tricks, and buying advice for materials and prepping necessities, he’s got you covered.

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